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The business that offered GSPartners financial services for debit cards has broken connections.

Club Swan and Nvayo Limited informed GSPartners affiliates through email earlier today;

With immediate effect, GS Partners and GSB (doing business as GSlifestye and connected businesses) will no longer receive financial or other services from Nvayo/CoinX (as an e-money issuer) and Club Swan (as the supplier of crypto wallets and concierge services).

The GSLifestyle debit card was connected to the cryptocurrency backend of GSPartners.

To put it another way, Club Swan and Nvayo Limited have helped GSPartners with the laundering of money gained through securities fraud up until this point.

To that end, there is no justification given for Nvayo Limited and Club Swan cutting their relations with GSPartners.

The website for Club Swan describes it as a

AU Card, LLC offers membership, concierge, lifestyle, and cryptocurrency goods.

CoinX Inc., a money service business governed and licensed by FinCEN and by over 44 states listed below, provides and issues Club Swan Prepaid Accounts to individuals in the United States of America.

Access cards for Club Swan Prepaid Accounts are produced by coins.

Defunct GSLifestyle-branded debit cards will still function, according to Club Swan, although they will now bear Club Swan’s logo.

As far as I can determine, Chris Scanlon is the owner and operator of AU Card, CoinX, and Nvayo Limited.

The financial services company behind PlatinWorld’s PLC Ultima Ponzi debit card is Nvayo Limited.

Chris Scanlon (right) is said to reside in Utah in the United States.

Clients have not been informed if Club Swan and Scanlon are aware of a US regulatory inquiry into GSPartners or if they are being investigated.

According to SimilarWeb, the US accounted for 39% of all website traffic to GSPartners as of August 2022.

The standalone GSLifestyle website was unavailable at the time of publishing. The loss of GSLifestyle’s financial partners has not been mentioned in the media by GSPartners.

Instead of telling affiliates that their GSLifestyle financial source was leaving, GSPartners said the service was “under upgrade”:

On September 13th, the aforementioned notice was published in the affiliate back offices of GSPartners.

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