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2014 saw the establishment of LoveWinx in California. The business is an MLM player in the intimacy market.

On its website, LoveWinx offers very little company information. The President of LoveWinx is known as Jaime Lamp.

However, LoveWinx credits Lamp with the following general corporate statement rather than presenting a corporate bio:

There isn’t much information available in the public domain about Lamp’s function inside LoveLinx. This is taken from a product catalog for 2016–2017;

Jaimie Lamp has worked in the direct selling sector for more than ten years.

Affiliates of LoveWinx identify Lamp as the business’s creator. I had to search up a 2014 court lawsuit brought by Pure Romance to independently corroborate both allegations.

Jaime Lamp is the president, CEO, and co-founder of Lovewinx Inc., a business that aims to take on Pure Romance head-on in the selling of intimate goods.

Lamp joined Pure Romance as an independent consultant on January 19, 2014, when Pure Romance acquired Slumber Parties, Inc., the business for which Lamp had previously worked as an independent contractor.

Similar intimate goods were also offered by Slumber Parties.

LoveWinx was developed by Lamp and other former Slumber Parties workers and consultants, heavily reliant on Pure Romance’s trade secrets and vendor and consultant contacts.

Pure Romance requested assistance at the moment.

Because of LoveWinx’s contract violations, civil conspiracy, tortious interference with Pure Romance’s business relationships, and unlawful misappropriation of trade secrets and other sensitive and valuable company information.

theft of trade secrets, as well as other private and confidential information, without authorization

A mutually agreed-upon injunction was used to resolve the case brought by Pure Romance in October 2014.

LoveWinx and Lamp were not permitted to use Pure Romance’s trade secrets, sensitive information, or Policies and Procedures documents under the injunction.

By any agreements with the business, the LoveWinx defendants were also prohibited from courting Pure Romance affiliates and employees.

According to the settlement, LoveWinx was barred from contacting a specified list of businesses and individuals until after August 2015.

I was able to confirm that Jaime Lamp was associated with Slumber Parties as early as 2008.

The MLM opportunity offered by LoveWinx is fully reviewed here.

Products from LoveWinx

Numerous essential oils and personal care items are sold by LoveWinx.

We both know you’re here for the dildos, so blah blah blah. And I succeeded (at least as much as I could, hello advertising regulations!):

Now that everything is out of the way, LoveWinx has recently launched its 2022 catalog. There is a lot there, including the following product categories:

The most intriguing material is found at the conclusion. There is a list of all retail prices for the US and Canada.

Plan of Compensation for LoveWinx

Despite the lack of information on actual retail sales, LoveWinx’s compensation scheme is based on the volume of those sales.

A six-level deep unilevel team with additional performance-based bonuses is available on the residual side of things.

Ranks for LoveWinx Affiliates

The payout structure of LoveWinx has seven affiliate tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Become a consultant by joining a partner site and producing and maintaining 100 PV each month.

Senior Consultant: Recruit and keep one Consultant on staff and produce and keep 300 PV each month.

Three consultants must be hired and kept on staff, and each month the manager must produce and maintain 1200 PV and 2500 GV.

Director: hire and retain two Senior Consultants (or above), and four Consultants, and produce and preserve 6,000 GV and 2000 PV each month.

Senior Director: appoint and maintain two Managers (or higher), seven Consultants, and 2000 PV each month. You must also produce and maintain 20,000 GV each month.

National Director: appoint and maintain three Directors (or higher), twelve Consultants, and 2000 PV each month. You must also produce and maintain 60,000 GV each month.

Three Senior Directors (or higher), seventeen Consultants, and at least 2000 PV and 200,000 GV every month have to be hired and maintained by the executive director.

PV, which stands for “Personal Volume,” refers to the number of sales that an affiliate produces. This covers their purchases as well as retail sales.

Group Volume, or GV, is the PV produced by an affiliate and their downline.

Keep in mind that the Director cannot count more than 50% of the needed monthly GV from any one recruitment leg.

Shopping Bonuses

Three retail benefits are available from LoveWinx: a “purchasing discount,” a payback bonus, and free stuff.

A discount on product purchases is given to an affiliate as part of the buying discount:

Affiliates that produce $800 in total retail sales and an additional 5% discount rate are given the normal 35% discount.

accumulating retail sales of $2,000 and receiving an additional 5% discount

Earn a Senior Consultant certification and earn a 2% discount; a Manager certification and receive a 2% discount; a Director certification and receive a 2% discount, and a Senior Director certification and receive a 4% discount

On a LoveWinx affiliate’s produced retail sales for the month, the cashback incentive seems to pay 5%.

An affiliate must produce at least $10,000 in retail sales volume for the month to be eligible for the cashback benefit.

Note that LoveWinx incorporates an affiliate’s starting kit purchase volume when calculating the purchasing discount and payback bonus:

$150 in retail sales are generated by joining Kit A.

Each Kit B results in $300 worth of retail sales.

registering with Kit C results in $450 worth of retail sales.

Affiliates receive free goods by their monthly retail sales volume:

if you make $1,000 in retail sales each month, you’ll get $50 in free merchandise; if you make $2,000 each month, you’ll get $100 in free merchandise.

Earn $3000 in monthly retail sales and get $150 in free merchandise. Earn $4000 in monthly retail sales and get $200 in free merchandise.

Make $4,000 in retail sales each month and get $250 in free merchandise.

Make $6,000 in retail sales each month and get $300 in free merchandise.

produce a monthly retail sales volume of $7,000 and earn $350 in free merchandise.

Get $400 in free merchandise for every $8,000 in monthly retail sales; get $450 for every $9,000 in monthly retail sales; get $500 for every $10,000 in monthly retail sales; and so on.

Recurring Commissions

LoveWinx uses a unilevel compensation system to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):


New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

Payable unilevel team levels are capped by LoveWinx to six.

According to rank, residual commissions are paid as a proportion of the sales volume produced throughout these six levels:

On level 1, consultants are paid 2%. (personally recruited affiliates)

Levels 1 and 2 senior consultants are paid 2%.

Level 1 managers receive 3%, level 2 managers 2%, and level 3 managers 1%.

Levels 1 and 2 of director pay is 3% and levels 3 and 4 are 1%.

Levels 1 and 2 of Senior Directors are paid 4%, Level 3 is paid 2%, and Levels 4 and 5 are paid 1%.

Levels 1 and 2 National Directors get 5%, Levels 3 and 4 2%, and Levels 5 1%.

5% on levels 1 and 2, 3% on level 3, 2% on levels 4 and 5, and 1% on level 6 are the salaries for executive directors.

Bonus Lifestyle

A monthly Lifestyle Bonus is given to Senior Directors and higher-ranked LoveWinx affiliates:

attain Senior Director status and earn $200 each month.

attain National Director status and earn $400 each month.

the Executive Director level and earn $700 each month

Auto Bonus

A “yearly Mercedes automobile lease” is awarded to LoveWinx affiliates that create $6,000,000 in unilevel team volume (across levels 1 through 6).

enrolling in LoveWinx

A “starting kit” must be purchased to join LoveWinx:

$195 for Kit A; $295 for Kit B.

Kit C – $495

Every beginning bundle includes a variety of LoveWinx goods.

LoveWinx Summary

Whatever you do in your bedroom, as long as it’s mutual, is your business.

As an associate for organizations like LoveWinx, your responsibility is to essentially intrude into other people’s beds.

People have a strong desire to learn everything they can about leading passionate lives. They want to know everything there is to know about this.

LOVEWINX Consultants have received training to deliver precise and expert knowledge about how to improve sexual encounters as well as novel methods to feel sensual every day.

Home parties are LoveWinx’s preferred form of marketing.

Keeping that in mind, these are difficult enough without a worldwide epidemic.

I know it’s a little immature, but there’s a reason I’ve been frank about what LoveWinx, in my opinion, is really about.

MLM ventures like LoveWinx are not for you if even the slightest of these things makes you uneasy.

You must feel comfortable investigating sexual aids on your own, talking about them with others, and—perhaps most importantly—selling them to them. LoveWinx is first and foremost a company.

A warm market is the clear entry point in this situation. Given whom you know, anyway may happen in this situation. You should decide based on your unique situation.

It can be more difficult to sell LoveWinx to intimate strangers than to your warm market. Competitive knowledge is challenging since you’re up against the internet (LoveWinx’s 2022 catalog is 48 pages long; you best get to know it inside and out).

Your connection is an advantage, which gets us back to the potentially risky “intruding into other people’s business” region.

Like everything else, LoveWinx will be effective for some people but not others. This topic does, however, have one of the hardest achievement ceilings to overcome.

LoveWinx’s website does not include information on compensation on their compensation scheme.

The official pay records from 2017 that serve as the foundation of “LoveWinx’s Compensation Plan” above were discovered. My initial assumption was that the paperwork must be outdated, however, LoveWinx just released its 2022 product catalog to their official Issuu account.

I made sure the Starter Kits were the same as well, so I feel good as long as the LoveWinx reimbursement information is current.

Commissions specifically linked to retail sales are one element that is conspicuously missing.

Retail sales volume is utilized to determine bonuses, therefore LoveWinx certainly tracks this, but the retail commissions themselves aren’t specified.

Given the price differential between retail and wholesale, I would presume that LoveWinx distributes retail commissions. Unfortunately, this isn’t stressed more because the buying discount presents a wasted marketing opportunity (if used, it practically amounts to a 20% additional retail commission incentive).

Mislabeling an affiliate’s Starter Kit volume as “retail sales points” was something I didn’t like.

In no way is a beginning kit purchased by an MLM affiliate considered retail.

And this may be related to the absence of information on retail commissions. The retail advantages offered by LoveWinx are all designed to encourage affiliate purchases.

A discount on purchases, payback (on your purchases), and a free product (a 100% discount on your items) are all available to you.

The current marketing strategy is to sell these items to retail consumers. There is nothing improper about that. On the other hand, affiliate orders activate the compensation scheme itself.

However, I’m basing my emphasis analysis on what’s in LoveWinx’s compensation literature. Retail consumers can still order, and you’ll still get credit for it. In the end, that will also serve as the foundation for marketing.

Three factors support affiliate purchases: personal consumption or usage, retail inventories, and samples (which very much ties into home party marketing).

All of them are OK as long as you are generating retail sales.

The mistake consumers make is buying stuff every month without taking into consideration a drop in sales. This encourages inventory loading (the accumulation of unsold goods), which, if it were practiced widely enough, would encourage LoveWinx to operate as a pyramid scheme.

LoveWinx’s compensation scheme doesn’t specifically include qualifying retail purchases. a minimum of on the surface. Even if Manager is only the third position, you still need 1200 PV.

That is a lot to spend each month on oneself. On the other hand, you also require three hired consultants at the Manager level. That’s a bare minimum. If you have more, you may be significantly reducing the cost of PV.

I must know for sure whether downline sales (purchases made by affiliates who have been recruited) count toward the “monthly personal retail sales” number.

Normally, a lexicon would allow me to confirm this. There isn’t one in the compensation paperwork that LoveWinx has issued.

The good news is that as a potential LoveWinx affiliate, you can easily confirm this for yourself.

Your future upline has a monthly PV objective to meet, regardless of rank (100 to 2000). If PV gives you a blank response, you might have to refer to this as “monthly personal retail sales” because LoveWinx calls it that internally.

You need to know how much of that monthly PV quota can be attributed to actual, measurable retail sales.

In a perfect world, LoveWinx would be the ones to confirm this volume, but I could find no evidence that they do.

You want retail sales to account for at least 50% of your potential upline’s monthly PV. More is always better.

A pyramid scam would be obvious if the affiliate was purchasing rather than selling, or worse if it was less.

As a recruit, you would also be making monthly product purchases and not making enough money from sales to break even or even make a profit.

This may occur throughout the earliest stages of building your firm. However, give yourself a deadline (usually 3-6 months), and then assess and review the figures (money in vs. money out).

One more thing: You should never surprise your significant other with an MLM business like LoveWinx. Although not the exclusive focus of the business, sex toys form a significant portion of it and are its cornerstone.

Before deciding, talk it over with your partner since, even though LoveWinx maybe your business, most partners will undoubtedly want your opinion.

I can’t predict whether or not that feedback will be favorable (it depends on your partner), but I do believe that more information is needed than, for instance, in a more “conventional” offering.

Consider it a litmus test. How is that going to work with strangers if you can’t bring yourself to show your spouse your throbbing purple dildos?

Good fortune!

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