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Alex Richter, who represents Antares Trade, is a Russian citizen named Alexey Mikhailovich Zhirovkin.

Back in May, Antares Trade and its subsidiary Alcore Trade completely failed.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic continue to provide Zhirovkin with protection even though the number of victims undoubtedly numbers in the hundreds of millions.

Zhirovkin was previously mentioned as a sought Russian fugitive by BehindMLM.

Zhirovkin and his wife fled Russia in 2012 after being sought on theft-related accusations. Since then, he has resided there.

Uncertainty surrounds Zhirovkin’s acquisition of long-term residency in the Dominican Republic.

In 2020, Antares Trade first appeared. A basic MLM crypto Ponzi scam based on AND Ponzi points was involved.

When the initial version of Antares Trade failed in August 2021, Zhirovkin was encouraged to restart the con as Alcor Trade.

With an AND token and a 200,000% ROI, the Ponzi business model is used this time.

Up to February 2022, Alcor Trade was active. After it failed, Richter relaunched as “Antares Trade 2.0.”

In May, when Antares Trade 2.0 started to fall apart, Zhirovkin made an unsuccessful attempt to restart Alcor Trade.

The law of declining returns had eventually taken effect, which was unfortunate for Zhirovkin. In May 2022, BehindMLM predicted that Antares Trade 2.0 will fail and Alcor Trade would relaunch.

Zhirovkin redirected his attention to pressing investor concerns with authorities after realizing he’d extracted all the money he could from investors.

To do this, he used the remainder of May and June to gaslight Antares and Alcor victims by posting false updates on YouTube.

Zhirovkin had already started his representational career by this point and was based in Mexico.

Following the failure of Antares Trade 2.0 and Alcor Trade in May 2022, Richter began disseminating information about a marketing event in Dubai.

Supposed speakers included Mike Tyson and Jordan Belfort. The event, which would ordinarily take place in Dubai, was predicted to be Zhirovkin’s last departure swindle.

The initial date for the Dubai event was June 1. As June 1st approached, Zhirovkin changed the date to July 15th.

In the end, neither the event nor Zhirovkin’s departure from the Dominican Republic took place.

On June 24, Zhirovkin issued the following update under the alias Alex Richter:

Richter reassured investors in the video that there was “absolutely no need to fear.”

I’m good. Everything is wonderful and Antares is developing quickly.

BehindMLM has learned that Zhirovkin was contacted by a group of victims in the Dominican Republic either in June or July.

As a result of how poorly this meeting went, Richter sued his victims for “violence and threats.”

On September 26th, a hearing will be held on this case before a court in Higuey.

About 40 minutes away, at a luxury gated home in Cocotal, Zhirovkin and his wife reside.

To far, Dominican Republic authorities have not taken any action against Zhirovkin even though he publicly ran a Ponzi scheme with an estimated value of hundreds of millions of dollars.

He resides openly in the Dominican Republic and has a residency permit for it.

The authorities in the Dominican Republic have protected MLM scammers besides Zhirovkin.

Dominican citizen Huascar Lopez is in charge of the infamous CashFX Group Ponzi scam.

The investor losses at CashFX Group are estimated to be in the billions, likely dwarfing Antares Trade in magnitude.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have long ignored CashFX Group’s financial crimes.

The Superintendent of Banks didn’t issue a CashFX Group fraud notice until November 2021, the same month in which CashFX Group failed.

Lopez left the Dominican Republic soon after.

At first, Lopez’s disappearance was explained away as a vacation in Europe. For months, no one has seen or heard from him.

The Superintendency of the Securities Market, or SIMV, oversees the regulation of securities in the Dominican Republic.

Gabriel Castro Gonzales has been serving as the director of SIMV since 2012. (right).

Despite our inability to reply, BehindMLM continues to receive pleas for assistance from Antares Trade and Alcor Trade victims.

Although BehindMLM makes every effort to identify and monitor MLM-related fraud, we are ultimately not a regulator.

Contact information may be found in the website footer of SIMV if you lost money with Antares Trade, Alcore Trade, or even CashFX Group and want to know why the Dominican Republic has not acted and has continued to turn a blind eye to MLM-related securities fraud.

Jose Ernesto Baez, director of SIMV’s Department of Protection and Education for Investors, is another individual worth mentioning.

Baez manages a moderately active SIMV official Twitter account.

Currently, SimilarWeb measures an increase in French visitors to the websites of Antares Trade and Alcore Trade (49% and 52% of total website traffic, respectively).

This implies that fresh victims are still being sought after even though both Ponzi schemes have failed and withdrawals are no longer possible.

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