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Helo Corp, the parent company of Vivo, has said that it would “discontinue the Company’s network marketing operations internationally.”

Helo Corp has not set a precise date for the shutdown of Vyvo, but according to a press statement from September 27, it is anticipated to happen in Q4 2022.

It’s interesting to note that Helo Corp says it plans to

build a global e-commerce platform and affiliate-based customer acquisition business model.

This seems like the infamous “screw your distributors over and steal their clients” strategy, although I might be reading too much into it.

Beginning in 2019, Vivo replaced World Global Network, which had been replaced by Global Mobile Network.

Vyvo was examined by BehindMLM in March 2019. The “unbelievably dirty” state in which the firm was operating did not impress us.

The organizational hierarchy of Vyvo has always been purposefully ambiguous, but the short version is that Fabio Galdi is the only owner.

Officially, Galdi (right) is the CEO and President of Vyvo as well as the Chairman of the Board of Helo Corp.

Oddly, Helo Corp only announced a 685% rise in yearly net profits for 2021 back in April.

This is in sharp contrast to their press announcement on September 27;

According to CEO Sean McVeigh, “difficult market circumstances continue to significantly influence our revenue, particularly with respect to our network marketing distribution channel.”

I don’t have any income numbers, but Vyvo’s website traffic is generally declining.

The incorporation of cryptocurrencies into Vyvo may also be a significant element.

Helo Corp aims to persevere with its blockchain platform whether things go well or not.

To give our customers the ability to own, control, and monetize their health data, the company expects to start moving forward with contributing to the construction of a blockchain-based decentralized health data platform in the fourth quarter.

I have no clue why someone would want their health data and information on a decentralized platform for anyone to steal view, except from “because blockchain.”

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