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The “click a button” app Ponzi scheme for SunSolar has failed.

Affiliates of SunSolar started to experience withdrawal issues a few weeks ago. It appears that not all withdrawals were stopped, indicating that SunSolar was selective regarding which customers may withdraw.

In response to complaints about withdrawals, SunSolar sent a statement “swearing to Jesus” that withdrawals were still available.

A few days later, it was confirmed that the Ponzi scheme had failed.

because a large number of users utilized our platform to engage in money-laundering crimes.

The banking system doesn’t take money from users as a result. The National Bank has now resolved the issue.

Though SunSolar could have just taken down its website and called it a day, it attempted to get more money from its investors.

Users must recharge a certain amount of money to demonstrate that they have not engaged in money laundering activities that are unlawful.

Our business will permanently freeze user payments if it is not handled promptly, and we will take legal action to have you detained at the police station.

The web pages for SunSolar were taken down a few days later.

Nigerian and Beninese investors were the main markets for SunSolar.

SunSolar’s website received about 4.5 million visitors in August 2022, according to SimilarWeb.

This implies that the victims of SunSolar may likewise number in the millions. Investor losses as a whole are yet unknown.

Late in 2021, the “click a button” app Ponzis first appeared; since then, other rebrandings have been introduced.

Chinese fraudsters are said to be responsible for the great majority of “click a button” app Ponzis, which are frequently specialized to target certain groups.

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