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Dmining doesn’t Dine any information about the company’s ownership or executives on its website.

The domain name “mining. top” for the Dining website was privately registered on March 1st, 2022.

According to SimilarWeb, the top three countries sending traffic to Dmining’s website are now Croatia (10%), Rwanda (11%), and Italy (79%).

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products by Dining

Dining doesn’t provide any resaleable goods or services.

The only product that affiliates may advertise is Dining affiliate membership.

Plan of Compensation for Dining

Affiliates in mining make investments in local money or tron. This is done on the promise of a passive return that is paid out progressively every 12 hours.

Basic Miner A2: Spend 460 TRX and get 985.20 TRX over the course of 30 days.

Basic Miner B: Over the course of 30 days, invest 710 TRX and get 774 TRX.

Medium Miner A: Spend 1120 TRX and get 1317.60 TRX over the course of 30 days.

Medium Miner B: Spend 3600 TRX and get 4596 TRX over the course of 30 days.

To generate an ROI payout, Note Dining affiliates must check-in and “click a button” once every 12 hours.

Dining additionally reimburses a portion of an affiliate’s original investment after 30 days. It appears that the amount reimbursed is a variable:

Advisory Commissions

Dining offers referral bonuses for bringing on new affiliate investors.

Earn 160 TRX for each affiliate investor you bring in.

earn 320 TRX for bringing in three affiliate investors.

get 800 TRX for bringing in eight affiliate investors.

earn 1900 TRX for bringing in 20 affiliate investors.

earn 4800 TRX for bringing in 50 affiliate investors.

Get 100 investors and get 8000 TRX for it.

Recurring Commissions

Affiliates can receive up to 15% of returns given to their downline, according to Dining.

There is no precise commission breakdown given.

Dining membership

Membership in Dining Affiliate is free.

A minimum investment of 460 TRX is needed to fully participate in the associated income potential.

Direct investment requests from Dining are made in TRX or local currencies.

Dining Verdict

Another app-based task Ponzi scheme from what looks to be Chinese con artists is called Dining.

Dining has obtained a Google Play Store feature for its app rather than providing a straight link to a self-hosted app:

We can establish that Chinese con artists are responsible for the Ponzi scheme if you click the “privacy policy” link on Dmining’s Google Play Store page:

The cryptocurrency tron is mined by “pressing a button” in Dmining’s Ponzi scheme.

There isn’t. To pay returns to previous investors, Dining just recycles invested monies.

Investment in both TRX and local money is sought by Dining. The usage of local money, which is simpler to trace, is discouraged by Dining, which provides a modest discount on TRX investment.

As of September 2022, Dining is concentrating on Nigeria since it is a low-hanging fruit after plundering Italy and having recruiting hit a snag in Rwanda and Croatia.

To do this, local banking alternatives are offered to Nigerian Dining affiliates:

Financial institutions In Nigeria, digital currency is used with VFD MicroFinance Bank, Iowa, and PalmPay.

Please take note of the request “NO CRYPTO RELATED WORDS.”

This will let Dining stay undetected as long as possible from the Google Play Store and payment processors.

On their respective systems, the Google Play Store, VFD MicroFinance Bank, Iowa, and PalmPay all prohibit fraud.

Unfortunately, for any action to be taken, Dining will probably need to be reported to the Google Play Store and the payment processors.

If this doesn’t happen, Dining falls like all the other “click a button” Ponzi schemes, causing the majority of investors to lose money.

Dining is a “click a button” software Ponzi that has been active since the end of 2021.

Along with Dining, BehindMLM has so far identified 41 “click a button” app Ponzi schemes. Before crumbling, the majority of them endure a few weeks to a few months.

The “click a button” app Ponzi scourge is thought to be the work of the same set of Chinese con artists.

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