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Corporate released a second video after Chuck Norris appeared in a Cameo advertisement for the Hyperverse Ponzi scam.

This time, it’s the co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak, who is 71 years old.

About 24 hours ago, Wozniak’s Cameo Hyperverse advertising video initially emerged on Steven Reece Lewis’ Twitter page.

The screenplay that Hyperverse paid Wozniak to read is as follows:

Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, is present.

And I’m here in Steven and Hyperverse’s defense. Two Steves again? Hmm.

Invent a new version of a virtual environment that is up for exploring.

Be a galactic explorer. go to other galaxies to explore. Obtain unique in-world NFTs.

Looking forward to the Hyperverse!

The recently appointed Boris CEO of parent company HyperTech is Steven Reece Lewis.

Wozniak claims on his Cameo profile page that he makes videos “for charity.”

Wozniak appears in a Cameo business promotional film, which costs $5000.

Hyperverse seems to be creating Cameo films to distract from recurring withdrawal issues now that this is a trend.

According to information submitted by a BehindMLM reader, withdrawal failures that started happening in late November were still happening as of January 3.

Hyperverse hasn’t made clear why affiliates can’t leave openly.

Steven Lewis, the puppet CEO of HyperTech, is currently tweeting shitposts of Cameo videos. Owners of HyperTech Ryan Xu and Sam Lee are still missing.

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