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A lab was hired by the anti-MLM YouTube group to Crack the Crown to examine the jewelry worn by paparazzi for the presence of hazardous metals.

The study lists harmful concentrations of lead, cadmium, and arsenic in a variety of Paparazzi items.

Waypoint Analytical was hired by Crack the Crown last month to analyze samples of jewelry made by Paparazzi.

Waypoint Analytical says on its website that it is

The top 50 environmental lab organizations in the US, and likely the largest agricultural lab group.

Ten pieces of Paparazzi jewelry were provided for examination by Crack the Crown.

The places on the jewelry metal that were particularly evaluated are listed below:

Brightly cosmic Bracelet with fake beads and metal accents (on the right).

The blue pendant from the necklace “Lookin’ Like a Million” is set in metal.

You Are Aware HUE Green Earring: A Silver Spell’s metal component on which the green bead is centered. Oval rings with a silver Blockbuster necklace reads Money on My Mind. The metal component of the white ring would be worn on the finger.

First Round Knockout Pink bracelet with a silver portion in which small white beads are embedded Chic Silver portion of the black bracelet with small white beads placed in Treasury Fund Metal component of the white ring that would be worn on the finger.

Pink beads are put in metal settings in the bow before the queen of the Sugar-coated Sparks Pink Bracelet. Chunky metal elements between curving bars make up this white necklace.

The following outcomes raise additional red flags:

The Colorfully Cosmic Multi Bracelet had 132 mg/kg of nickel and 67.2 mg/kg of arsenic.

You’re aware that HUE Green Earring has a cadmium content of 16.9 mg/kg.

A Silver Spell Blockbuster Necklace has an arsenic content of 62 mg/kg, the lead content of 113 mg/kg, and a nickel content of 70.2 mg/kg.

About money Numbers, One Knockout Pink Bracelet contains 23.7 mg/kg of cadmium and 58.1 mg/kg of lead. White Ring contained 799,000 mg/kg of cadmium and 41.4 mg/kg of lead.

Camera 1130 mg/kg of lead and 1900 mg/kg of nickel were found in the Chic Black Bracelet.

Treasury Reserve White Ring has a cadmium content of 819,000 mg/kg and leads content of 95.3 mg/kg.

The Sparks Pink Bracelet with Sugar Coating had 41.4 mg/kg of lead and 18.7 mg/kg of cadmium. There were 128 mg/kg of nickel, 19.4 mg/kg of cadmium, and 83.8 mg/kg of arsenic in the Queen White Necklace before it was banned.

On the Crack The Crown Facebook page, you may access the whole report.

Paparazzi advertised using the phrase “lead and nickel free” up to December 2021.

And of course, Paparazzi distributors eagerly repeated this (click to enlarge):

Paparazzi has taken down “lead and nickel free” claims from their website and marketing as of late December or early January.

The business now asserts its jewels

is obliged to go through testing to ensure that it complies with California’s Proposition 65, which includes testing for phthalates and all heavy metals like lead, nickel, and cadmium.

One of the strictest consumer rules in the US is California’s Proposition 65, and Paparazzi’s jewelry conforms to it.

Accessories for paparazzi are not hypoallergenic.

The Department of Toxic Substances Control in California calculates the toxicity of heavy metals in parts per million (PPM).

PPM is calculated by taking the mass of the material, dividing it by its mass, and then multiplying the result by one million.

Results from Waypoint Analytical are given in mg/kg. Since 1 mg equals 1 lb, the reported mg quantities are PPM values.

For instance, a one-kilogram sample of Number One Knockout Pink Bracelet has 23.7 mg of cadmium.

Thus, our PPM formula is (23.7/1,000,000)*1,000,000, or 23.7.

According to the “Metal-Containing Jewelry Law Fact Sheet” published by the DTSC;

No substance may include more cadmium than 0.03% (300 ppm) by weight.

Money’s On My Mind, Paparazzi White Ring, and Treasury Fund White Ring (right) pieces, which measure 799,000 and 819,000 PPM, respectively, are clearly in violation of that.

based on DTSC;

Jewelry is coated with cadmium to make it shine and give each item more weight and heft.

Cadmium is a heavy metal that is poisonous and may cause cancer, however. Ingesting cadmium over an extended period can cause renal damage, bone loss issues, vomiting, diarrhea, and in extreme cases, death.

These health impacts are particularly dangerous for children.

The Health and Safety Code of California (Article 10.1.1, Sections 25214.2 (11) and (12)) states that metallic jewelry marketed in the state may not include more than 500 PPM lead by weight.

Paparazzi’s Camera Chic Black Bracelet (right) has more than twice the permitted amount of lead at 1130 PPM.

DTSC cautions

Lead exposures can result in a variety of health issues, such as:

behavioral difficulties

learning disorders

-muscle and joint ache


organ malfunction

as well as death

Also, keep in mind that this is only a sampling of 10 items of Paparazzi jewelry. Thousands of items by Paparazzi have been sold throughout the years.

Paparazzi’s product line is “constantly changing, purchase it when you see it,” according to the marketing slogan.

It seems likely that Paparazzi violated Title 16, Section 23.1 of the Code of Federal Regulations with its misleading marketing claims that their jewelry is “lead and nickel free” (regulated by the FTC).

It is uncertain whether US regulators will take action against Paparazzi.

11th May 2022 update US authorities haven’t yet taken any visible action against the paparazzi.

Due to hazardous metals in their jewelry, customers launched two class-action lawsuits against Paparazzi.

Late in April, two class actions—one in New York and one in North Carolina—were each filed.

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