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Collaborating with Sal Leto made Youngevity marketing forex trading even stranger.

That Sal Leto, indeed.

Although Youngevity sells a variety of goods, its roots are in nutritional supplements. As an illustration, every item on the Youngevity website’s “top sellers” list is a dietary supplement.

The public-facing webpage of Youngevity does not refer to all the forex instructions. You need to locate it.

In the lengthy list of links relating to the shop, there is a hidden link to Youngevity’s forex items.

This is a little strange considering that in September, plans were launched to force forex training upon Youngevity distributors.

But this is where I’m going too fast.

I learned about Youngevity’s currency offering from a reader through email:

Hello, If you wanted to contact Sal Leto further… He’s now associated with Youngevity. His trading platform is being sold.

My initial question was, “Has Sal Leto partnered with Youngevity to market forex training? That is an odd match.

The Youngevity website search for Sal Leto produced no results. I then looked for Leto on social media, and sure enough, on September 18th, he posted this;

It is quite unusual for a business of this stature and renown to invest its resources in a cutting-edge market.

However, a study has been done to ensure that their legacy is upheld in perpetuity.

We are creating the greatest client base of profitable traders in the globe.

I’m aware that many of you require the best mentors and tested methods but haven’t yet located them.

On September 20, a presentation was given in front of top Youngevity earners.

I can’t speak for Youngevity, but if they had done their homework, as Leto says, they would be aware that Leto was a key figure in the unsuccessful US launch of OneCoin.

OneCoin is a $4 billion MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi scam.

Leto would attempt to reenter the US three years after its previous attempts to popularize OneCoin there were unsuccessful.

Konstantin Ignatov, the former CEO of OneCoin, was detained by US authorities as a consequence in March 2019.

Leto (right) not being mentioned in Youngevity’s marketing or on its website shows that the corporation is purposefully withholding information about who is behind its FX offering.

Just this might be a violation of the FTC Act (unfair or deceptive acts or practices).

Sal Leto and Maurice Katz started marketing iPro Network after OneCoin. In May of last year, the SEC asserted fraud against iPro Network.

iPro Network Leto changed his name to Economy after that. March 2020 saw the downfall of the economy.

Then Leto reappeared to Auvoria Prime as Chief Networking Officer.

According to BehindMLM’s evaluation of Auvoria Prime from April 2020, it was a forex trading bot associated with a “forex education program.”

Sal Leto is no longer mentioned on the Auvoria Prime website. Trade offers from strangers have taken the role of the automated trading bot.

Leto’s most recent correspondence with Auvoria Prime is dated November 17, 2020.

In August 2020, Leto quit updating his Facebook status. He began again in May 2021.

The forex trading products offered by Youngevity are marketed under the name “FX by Youngevity.”

What is being offered has a striking resemblance to Auvoria Prime.

FX is a platform that offers training for leadership development, innovative trading technologies, coaching and teaching, and community.

To help you advance your future, FX will train you with the greatest industry leaders and assist you in developing new skill sets.

You may find the MAX Indicator, MAX Trader’s Academy, and Live Trading Sessions under FX by Youngevity.

The MAX Indicator is a piece of artificial intelligence-focused software referred to as an “Indicator.”

The program is made to track changes in values and prices across a variety of financial marketplaces.

The MAX Indicator subsequently creates an informative report for the user using the collected data.

The consumer may decide whether or not they wish to initiate a transaction and try to make a profit by using this information as potential confirmation of current market activity.

You will also get unique access to attend Live Trading Sessions when you subscribe to the MAX Indicator platform.

The Max Trader’s Academy is a thorough, multi-sensory learning platform created to provide traders of all levels of expertise the tools they need to improve their trading.

The goal of MAX Trader’s Academy is to arm you with the information and expertise you need to trade more successfully.

Access to MAX Indicator and MAX Trader’s Academy is provided by MAX Indicator Initial Enrollment, which costs $210.99.

The Youngevity pills are included in the $299.95 MAX Indicator Business Essentials Kit, which also includes access to MAX Indicator and MAX Trader’s Academy.

The $499.95 MAX Indicator Business Builder Kit includes additional supplements and “CEO Training Materials.”

The first thing I worried about was if Youngevity offered any automatic trading.

They aren’t, at least not to my knowledge.

Each user has complete control over their finances and deals.

But I’ll say that any automated trading solution would count as a securities offering in case of FX by Youngevity’s offering changes in the future.

Youngevity would next need to file an SEC registration for its forex opportunity (Youngevity itself is already registered). Securities fraud would occur if this were not done.

I’m not quite persuaded. It appears that certain Youngevity distributors are promoting automatic trading:

Putting that aside, Leto’s contribution to FX, as represented by Youngevity, is signaling software.

Since customers are not informed that Leto developed the platform, it is evident that he did not.

I would like to be informed before investing in forex trading services offered by someone whose sole MLM accomplishment was securities fraud.

through the most infamous and significant MLM Ponzi fraud ever, no less.

12th January 2022 update I can confirm that neither Youngevity FX nor MAX Indicator has an automatic trading component as of the time of this release.

15th July 2022 update On Youngevity’s website, Max Indicator is still accessible.

However, Sal Leto is currently promoting 8 Minute Trader. This looks to be Youngevity’s latest trading initiative.

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