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TriumphFX’s long-running Ponzi scam has failed.

In August, TriumphFX ceased processing withdrawals. Investors are getting locked out of their accounts and support is unresponsive.

While I lack a precise date, I was able to locate investor complaints describing TriumphFX withdrawal issues beginning in August 2022.

Most TriumpFX withdrawal complaints are related to unsuccessful withdrawals that were started in September and October.

When contacting TriumphFX support, one is met with justifications or is ignored.

The TriumphFX website was still live at the time of writing. Investors’ login issues are understood by BehindMLM.

Additionally reportedly disabled is the TriumphFX backend system.

TriumphFX linked a forex trading Ponzi scheme to a pyramid scheme for hiring.

TriumphFX is thought to be the product of Singaporean con artist Hermes Leong, who collaborates with fraudsters in Cyprus and Malaysia.

TriumphFX is formally incorporated as Triumph Int. (SC) Limited, is a shell business registered in Seychelles.

TriumphFX has no true connections to Seychelles other than suspected money laundering through its shell firm.

According to data from SimilarWeb, Singapore (4%), Malaysia (76%), and Taiwan account for the majority of traffic to TriumphFX’s website as of September 2022.

Over the past few months, there has been a gradual reduction in visitors to TriumphFX’s website.

Despite warnings about TriumphFX securities fraud from Malaysian and Singaporean authorities, neither nation took additional action to stop the fraud.

The number of TriumphFX investors and their losses is yet unknown pending more information.

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