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Frank Schneider, a OneCoin scammer, has lost his plea to prevent his extradition to the US.

Schneider’s appeal was reportedly denied by the Court of Cassation on Tuesday, according to many news reports.

The Le Quotidien claims;

Nothing appears to be in the way of extraditing Frank Schneider from Lorraine, where he presently resides, to the United States. Schneider was the former number 3 of the Luxembourg intelligence services.

reports RTL;

The Luxembourgish businessman can now be extradited to the United States, according to the Court of Cassation in Paris, which made this ruling public on Tuesday.

We’ll also add the pay-walled Reporter article for completeness’ sake.

Frank Schneider, a former member of the Luxembourg secret service, may be extradited to the USA from France.

The French Court of Cassation in Paris came to this judgment after dismissing the ex-opposition agents to such extradition on Tuesday.

The French government will ultimately decide whether to extradite Schneider after his appeal against the ruling was denied after he lost his extradition objection.

According to what I hear, it’s doubtful that they will step in now that the legal procedure has concluded. However, it is uncertain when Schneider’s extradition will be decided.

Schneider (right) just increased his flight risk, so maybe it will happen soon.

Schneider was freed to his home in Joudreville, which is just 30 kilometers from the border with Luxembourg in France, pending the conclusion of his extradition procedures.

Due to his political ties, it is anticipated that Schneider won’t suffer any consequences in Luxembourg should he depart.

Schneider was formerly the spymaster of Luxembourg. He provided intelligence and oversaw money laundering activities while working closely with the company’s founder, Ruja Ignatova.

Schneider has already acknowledged that he cleaned up money for Ignatova. Schneider claims to have made “four to five million euros” with his business Sandstone.

Given that Mark Scott, who held a lesser position in the OneCoin hierarchy, took home more than $50 million, the true sum Schneider got is probably substantially more.

Charges against Schneider include conspiring to commit electronic fraud and money laundering, according to his US indictment. On an undetermined number of crimes, he faces a sentence of 20 years for each count (the indictment has yet to be made public).

The 53-year-old Schneider anticipates failing in the US. His extradition has been referred to as a “death sentence.”

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