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Forsage fraudsters Sergey Maslakov, Lola Ferrari, and Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov have an Entry of Default on file.

Neither Okhotnikov, Ferrari, nor Maslakov had submitted a response to the SEC’s Forsage fraud action as of September 29.

Georgia is where Okhotnikov (on the right) is hiding. Maslov and Ferrari are thought to be in Russia and Indonesia, respectively.

On September 29th, the SEC submitted a motion asking that an entry of default be made against Okhotnikov, Ferrari, and Maslakov.

The request was approved at a hearing on October 6.

The SEC can submit a Motion for Default Judgment at a later time by submitting an Entry of Default.

Ferrari and Maslakov are staying quiet, while Okhotnikov is still taking advantage of customers by using MetaForce.

The sixth Forsage Ponzi reboot is MetaForce.

BehindMLM observed MetaForce’s demise last month as a result of Okhotnikov’s investment fund thawing.

Okhotnikov’s most recent con is some NFT bullshit after the release of goods that nobody in MetaForce wants or cares about.

based on a three-day-old MetaForce “legal side” update shared on social media;

For various Meta Force divisions, four corporations have been established. It is now available to establish an account because the approval processes have been finished.

Today, we received word that Meta Force Space DMCC, a crucial business for us with a focus on the Metaverse, had opened successfully.

Dubai Multi Commodities Center is referred to as DMCC. That Okhotnikov is moving what’s left of Forsage to Dubai is also not shocking.

The world’s MLM crime capital is Dubai. The emirate ignores MLM-related securities fraud and provides refuge to fraudsters from all over the world due to the absence of extradition treaties and local law.

It is unknown if Okhotnikov has personally fled to Dubai or has intentions to do so.

Okhotnikov, a Russian citizen, writes on Facebook on September 25 that he has “lived in Georgia for many years.”

Forsage’s initial version debuted in 2020. Georgian authorities haven’t taken any action against Okhotnikov despite five failures, six restarts, and an estimated $300 million in customer losses.

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