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The Meta Bounty Hunters Ponzi, run by Holton Buggs, is preparing for the second round of funding.

The name of the unauthorized securities offering is Meta Bounty Hunters: Season Two; Meta Bounty Huntresses.

Through the Meta Labs Agency platform, which Travis Bott runs, Buggs manages his NFT Ponzi schemes.

Although their commercial relationship hasn’t been made public, Buggs and Bott are said to be partners.

David Hunt, a Meta Bounty Hunters insider, intends to debut Meta Bounty Huntresses on October 15th, as was made known in a webinar on October 13th.

Hunt promotes rewards that have already been given to investors in Meta Bounty Hunters to advertise Meta Bounty Huntresses.

Between 2% and 3% every week on average during the previous six months.

We have already returned more than $20 million to our (NFT) holders in the past six months. just to purchase a single photo.

The amount you receive will vary depending on how many photographs you purchase.

It’s critical to remember that the $20 million Hunt alleges MBH has paid out – has not been withdrawn. Keep in mind that this amount cannot be verified without audited financial reports.

Those that are claiming reflections, have already earned back $2000 of their investment within the first six months.

You won’t come across many of these when searching for investing options.

It’s also significant to remember that 80% of invested capital is allegedly utilized to finance return payments. Purportedly because MBH also has an MLM element, which depletes the investment pool’s available ROI money.

Additionally skimming off the top, Holton Buggs and Travis Bott reduce the amount of ROI funds available.

All of this brings up the reason for the necessity for “season two” of Meta Bounty Hunters. Arithmetic is math, and MBH needs new money to continue the swindling, just like any Ponzi scheme.

Due to the exponential growth of Ponzi liabilities, Meta Bounty Huntress NFTs will be sold for $2500 apiece. This is an increase from the initial “season one” commitment of $2000.

This equates to $22,220,000 at 8888 NFTs.

The ROI term was also changed from weekly to monthly, which is another proof that Ponzi math is putting unavoidable liability pressure on MBH.

When you consider how the money is moving inside the fraud, Meta Bounty Hunter’s returns are getting close to parity, which is mathematically impossible. Launched to recover as much of the returns handed out as possible, Meta Bounty Huntresses.

When invested money run out, the cycle repeats, and MBH Season 3 is released. Then season 4, season 5, and so forth follow.

Over time, the law of diminishing returns takes effect, and a classic Ponzi collapse finally occurs.

Investment in Meta Bounty Huntresses begins for insiders on or around October 15.

Insiders who invest are categorized as:

everyone who made a minimum of five Meta Bounty Hunters investments; anyone who made an “iconic” Meta Bounty Hunter NFT investment.

everyone who made investments in three or more of Travis Bott’s NFT Ponzi schemes, Meta Labs Agents

The public can now invest in Meta Bounty Huntresses as of October 16.

Most people remember Holton Buggs for his work on the MLM phenomenon Organo Gold. Buggs tried to combine Organo Gold with crypto fraud, which caused him to leave the business.

Buggs’ attempts to commit crypto bro fraud failed. He later made a comeback to his MLM beginnings with the travel-based MLM opportunity known as a boomerang.

The COVID-19 epidemic severely damaged the boomerang, and the company never fully recovered. Buggs gave crypto bro fraud another go, and the Meta Bounty NFT Ponzi schemes are the result.

It is thought that iBuumerang affiliates make up the great bulk of investors in the Meta Bounty Ponzi scheme.

Hunt, an iBuumerang Black Diamond who acknowledges falling for several cryptocurrency scams, refers to Buggs as his guru.

Hunt responded when asked about the boomerang logo behind him:

We operate under that type of company model, boomerang. That is the neighborhood that Mr. Buggs helped to build.

And since we trade there, the majority of folks in boomerang learned about this NFT before anyone else. We also generate several streams of revenue there.

Meta Bounty Hunters was primarily a sausage fest.

My cynical side thinks that Meta Bounty Hunters with boobs is an attempt to cater to the female affiliate base of a boomerang.

Speaking about his prior losses from cryptocurrency scams, Hunt advised potential MBH investors;

My understanding of what went wrong and why I lost money on some initiatives began to develop.

Additionally, there were obvious warning signs that I truly disregarded since my greed took over.

That occurred around five years ago. Fast forward to the present, and I now know what I consider to be right and wrong.

Hunt took five years to grasp that participating in Ponzi schemes early implies you are the one robbing and defrauding other people.

Holton Buggs, Travis Bott, David Hunt, Meta Bounty Hunters, nor Meta Bounty Huntresses are SEC-registered companies.

Unregistered securities cannot be offered, sold, or promoted in any nation with a financial regulator.

Despite what was said above, math makes it clear that most investors in Ponzi schemes lose money.

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