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Four DagCoin executives, including the company’s creator Nils Grossberg and CVO Kris Ress, have been detained by Estonian authorities (aka Kristjan Ress).

Grossberg and Ress were denied bail and were ordered to detention for two months following their arrests two weeks ago.

The other two individuals who were detained in Estonia have not been identified, according to Genius. This implies that the inquiry is still underway.

According to the police’s first calculations, Grossberg and Ress stole eight million euros using DagCoin. The real sum is anticipated to be far larger.

Success Factory served as a marketing platform for the DagCoin Ponzi scam.

Notably, the date from two weeks ago is around October 5. Leading again and Success Factory net-winners were said to have left the Netherlands for Dubai on September 29 by BehindMLM.

Igor Alberts, Andreea Cimbala, Iulian Cimbala, and Quini Amores are some of DagCoin’s top fraudsters.

Igor Alberts has removed his social media accounts since our story in September. Just before they left Europe, Andreea Cimbala, Alberts’ wife, erased her accounts.

BehindMLM is unable to confirm whether the top earners for Success Factory and DagCoin are still residing in Dubai.

However, we can confirm that the con artists are preparing to start a fresh fraud through “Success4All,” Alberts and Cimbala’s OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory downline organization, at least four days ago.

According to Genius, Estonian police are still waiting for confirmation that Alberts and Cimbala are “also in their sights.”

again was created by Nils Grossberg after the infamous OneCoin Ponzi fraud.

OneCoin’s collapse in January 2017 catalyzed the mid-2017 creation of DagCoin.

After Igor Alberts stopped using OneCoin in December 2017, Success Factory was created.

Success Factory was modeled after OneLife, OneCoin’s marketing division.

Success Factory was managed by Igor Alberts in the Netherlands. DagCoin was managed by Grossberg and Ress in Estonia. In reality, they operated as a single firm.

To their shame, Dutch officials protected Andreea Cimbala and Igor Alberts for well over five years.

They left at the same time Alberts and Cimbala left OneCoin, two months after its creator and missing person Ruja Ignatova was charged.

Following a tip from Frank Schneider of the FBI’s OneCoin investigation, Ignatova vanished in October 2017.

The timing of Alberts and Cimbala’s departure from the Netherlands is very dubious. It’s unknown if they have a mole in the Dutch police force.

It would undoubtedly explain why Dutch officials did nothing to stop the pair from leaving the country and instead permitted them to do so.

I don’t want to sound glib when I say “allowed.” It is incomprehensible that Dutch authorities were ignorant of Alberts and Cimbala’s defrauding of over 100 million through Success Factory, DagCoin, and OneCoin.

The fact that Success Factory “launched in the US” earlier this year is also noteworthy.

Grossberg and Alberts delegated authority to Roald Mailly rather than take the chance of visiting the US personally.

Unsurprisingly, Mailly has a history of defrauding OneCoin users.

It’s unknown if any of the insiders from Success Factory and DagCoin are being looked into by US authorities.

Watch this space for developments from Estonia.

19th October 2022 update Postimees’ further reporting sheds light on the charges brought against Grossberg and Ress.

District prosecutor Kristiina Laas continued, “Based on the information gathered thus far in the criminal proceedings, there is reason to believe that the suspects have artificially increased the price of dogecoin and the number of its users to receive investment, creating a perception for the public as a functional and constantly increasing value virtual currency that can be used as a means of payment or earn money from its storage.”

According to early statistics, investors have lost close to 8 million euros as a result of this type of activity. Foreign nations account for the majority of the victims.

Postimees continues by stating that DagCoin promoted Estonia as a legitimate sanctuary for cryptocurrency crime.

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