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A second attempt at the Future Trade Ponzi scam has failed.

The scam’s Russian perpetrators want to switch to TFT Metaweb.

Around October 13th, Future Trade disabled withdrawals.

New regulations at the time required investors to bring on two other investors, each of whom made an equal investment to the original investor.

So, you put $1000 into it. You need to find two investors whom each put in at least $1,000 before you can withdraw anything.

The Future Trade had to shut down its social media pages as a result of the enormous investor criticism that this inevitably caused.

24 hours after the withdrawal cessation, TFT Metaweb, The Future Trade’s third relaunch, was revealed.

Another Boris CEO video using Russian actors was released at the same time.

TFT Metaweb runs from the “” domain, which was registered on August 23 using false information.

The website for TFT Metaweb is currently counting down to a debut on October 26 or 27.

From a business perspective, it appears to be the same Ponzi scam that has been updated with the standard crypto jargon.

We hope that this additional application of The Future Trade will present you with new opportunities for your investments and financial growth.

We are thrilled and delighted to launch our most advanced NFTs and METAVERSE websites in the upcoming 15 days!

Stay tuned as we begin this tiny countdown together and eventually cross our fingers for success in realizing this accomplishment.

This new age of NFTs and METAVERSE investments will unquestionably strengthen our revenue model and significantly improve everyone’s financial situation.

The Future Trade initially debuted in 2020 but quickly failed. This ultimately led to a relaunch in late 2021, which is the version of The Future Trade that just fell apart.

The website for The Future Trade indicates a sharp rise in online traffic from August to September 2022.

Since 60% of visitors to The Future Trade’s website are from Vietnam, most victims were recruited there.

The UAE (10%), France (9%), and Malta (8%) are in last place.

The total number of victims and losses in The Future Trade remains unclear.

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