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The Ponzi scam known as Freeway has failed.

The scam’s administrators paid out, sending the FWT tokens off a precipice.

In 2017, Freeway debuted as Audit. The initial attempt failed, but in early 2021 it was revived as a cryptocurrency Ponzi.

Early this year, Audit changed its name to Freeway.

Graham Doggart, Sadie Hutton, and Mark Kearns are the owners of Audit/Freeway.

About 12 hours ago, Freeway collapsed, and the following notification was posted on their website:

As a result, Freeway has decided to diversify its asset base to control its exposure to potential market volatility and fluctuations and to ensure the long-term viability and profitability of the Freeway Ecosystem. As a result, Freeway will be able to continue offering the best Supercharger simulation incentives.

We put money into our bank accounts through “diversified” investments, then we cashed out.

Freeway will allocate cash to its underlying portfolio while this process is continuing, thus until our new strategies are put into practice, we won’t be purchasing Supercharger simulations.

Monopoly money refunds were disabled.

We will let you know when we are prepared to resume partial Supercharger simulation purchases (buy-backs), complete Supercharger simulation purchases, and on-platform Freeway Token (FWT) deposits and buys.

We turned off fresh investment. Buh-bye.

According to BehindMLM, Freeway’s official Telegram group has been shut down. Although closed down, Freeway’s official Twitter account is still accessible.

It’s thought that Kearns, Hutton, and Doggart are citizens of the UK. The group claimed to be executives for AAuditand Freeway and to have moved to Malta.

In aseveralshady nations, shell corporations are used to incorporate AAuditand Freeway.

Beforeits demise, there was a rumored “hack” in July 2022. With a fresh smart contract, the Ponzi scam was restarted as a result.

In a recent commercial film released on October 15th, “positive progress” was celebrated.

In the video, co-owner Sadie Hutton bragged that Freeway had received a million dollars in investments within the first week of October.

The last portion of the movie discusses Joel Kruger’s participation, who strangely was hired to supervise and introduce “earn and protect.”

Kruger acknowledges being an insider of the Freeway who has “advised the project since the very early days.”

According to an examination of website traffic by SimilarWeb, the UK, South Africa, and Canada are thought to account for the bulk of Freeway victims.

Through “,” Freeway independently enlisted investment from US citizens. In September 2022, there were more than 20,000 visitors to the domain, 97% of whom were from the US.

Total Audit victim numbers and damages are unclear until a regulatory inquiry, of which there is no sign that one is underway.

Losses are anticipated at around $100 million, presumably based on Freeway’s smart-contract balance and transaction history.

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