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The headquarters of Success Factory in the Netherlands was searched on Tuesday.

The raid was carried out on behalf of Estonian authorities by FIOD, who look into financial offenses in the Netherlands.

The multimillion-dollar DagCoin Ponzi scam has a component in the Netherlands called Success Factory.

Success Factory handled the onboarding of new victims into DagCoin. It was run by Dutch native Igor Alberts, with assistance from his wife Andreea Cimbala, and a regular stream of PR from Ted Nuyten and BusinessForHome.

Nils Grossberg, the creator of DagCoin, was detained at the same time as the Dutch Success Factory raid in early October. Genius released details of Grossberg’s arrest last week.

Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala left the Netherlands weeks before Estonian authorities took action to detain Grossberg.

Dutch officials have protected Alberts and Success Factory for half a decade, much like Bulgarian authorities have protected what is left of OneCoin.

BehindMLM has a strong suspicion that Alberts was informed of the DagCoin arrests and impending raid, which caused him to leave and run.

According to a quote dated October 23rd, Andreea Cimbala is now claiming to be the ex-wife of Igor Albert.

According to Quotient, Cimbala lied about Alberts owning Success Factory;

Andreea Cimbala, his former partner, tells the FD that they never owned Success Factory alongside Alberts.

I don’t buy the separation ploy given that Alberts and Cimbala were last seen together a week ago.

For the time being, FIOD would not confirm if Andreea Cimbala and Igor Alberts are sought fugitives.

However, it’s becoming more and more realistic given that OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory have together defrauded consumers of over $100 million.

Alberts, Cimbala, and other prominent Success Factory and DagCoin scammers escaped to Dubai, the hub of MLM crime, from the Netherlands.

In late September, Andrea Cimbala removed her social media accounts. A few days before the arrests in Estonia, Igor Alberts did the same.

The present whereabouts of Alberts and Cimbala, who are thought to be fugitives sheltering in Dubai, remain unclear.

Alberts was contacted by Quote for comment, but no response was given.

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