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On its website, Xcelerate International doesn’t offer any information about the company’s ownership or executives.

Xcelerate International is known to run two websites under the domain names “” and “”.

Since “” is largely unusable, we’ll go with “” as the main domain.

On May 7th, 2022, a private registration for such a domain was made.

On Xcelerate International’s website, the only company information available is

Triformx LLC DBA Xcel Fuel is the owner of the registered trademark Xcelfuel.

It appears that Triformx was the business’s first, abandoned name:

Further investigation finds that Dan Maltais is listed as the company’s owner by Xcelerate International Marketing.

Maltais claims that the reason he founded Xcelerate International

We owned a stake in another business that produced gasoline additives.

And I just wasn’t able to acquire the responses that would have allowed me to introduce that thing to someone else with confidence.

Regardless of what others may think, I require that evidence and a degree of comfort for myself.

Even though I was satisfied with the business we were working with, the technology they were discussing, the outcomes, and the production process… they continued to avoid answering my queries.

“Does it include this component? How is that handled? What registration number does the EPA have? The safety data sheets are where? I just couldn’t obtain any straight answers to those questions.

Up until the point when I finally spoke with the engineer from the business that purportedly produced the goods. I didn’t even realize we had a fuel tab, the engineer added.

That was all at that moment.

We conducted some investigation, and I never really sponsored even one employee in that firm.

I discovered these patents through some studies we performed. I also discovered contact information in the patents.

And I made contact with several folks. And the proprietor of one firm phoned me back about an hour and a half after I contacted them.

We had a fascinating discussion. I explained to him my worries, the firm, the production, etc. He just shook his head as he related the entire incident to me.

To cut a long tale short, this business began manufacturing the product in 2006 and has had the patent since 2011.

They have been defending this patent since 2006 as well. The patent must be gotten around by other goods.

As an illustration, the firm we were looking at had items that were beginning to clump together in the packaging.

When you cracked up the box, each had various tones. There were many tabs, each with a distinct hue. various thicknesses

The only other gasoline tab businesses that I’m aware of that have recently debuted are Lawrence Conrad’s Govvi offshoot and Dan Putnam’s B-Eco, which launched earlier this year. I can’t be certain which company Maltais is referring to, though.

Whatever the case, Maltais was dissatisfied with the gasoline tabs provided by the firm he had just joined and moved on to start Xcelerate International with a new tab provider.

Maltais asserts that she has “thirty-something years” of MLM experience.

I was able to trace Maltais’ career back to the Synaura launch in the early 2000s. Maltais attempted to establish Elur in 2010, however, the firm was shut down after declaring prelaunch.

Late in 2010, Synaura allegedly ran into financial trouble and failed.

I have the impression that Maltais removed the majority of his MLM-related online activities after 2010.

Maltais could have been advertising NewULife, an unidentified MLM travel opportunity, and Infiniti between 2010 and the present. Infiniti is the follow-up to DS Domination’s securities scam.

Maltais has undoubtedly promoted Arego Life and NuYuGen (as of 2018). (also 2018).

Since Maltais is headquartered in Florida, Xcelerate International is also run there.

Continue reading for a detailed analysis of the MLM opportunity from Xcelerate International.

Products from Xcelerate International

accelerate global marketplaces fuel tabs for Xcelerate:

The tabs are produced by Ferox, a US business that Renssli Corp. owns.

Xcelerate International markets its fuel tabs using the following Renssli Corp marketing materials:

Xcelerate fuel tabs are sold by Xcelerate International for $24 for a pack of 6 tabs.

Multipacks are offered, but only affiliates may purchase them:

3 packs of 6 tabs cost $60. (18 tabs)

10 packs of 6 tabs cost $160. (60 tabs)

Plan of Compensation for Xcelerate International

The compensation model for Xcelerate provides retail commissions and hiring commissions on gasoline tab sales.

For affiliates to be eligible for MLM commissions, they must create 60 PV every month.

An estimated three packs of Xcelerate fuel tablets cost 60 PV.

Shopper Commissions

Affiliates of Xcelerate International are paid a 35% commission on total retail sales.

Retail Remaining Commissions

Down two tiers of hiring, Xcelerate International pays residual commissions on retail sales volume:

level 1 (affiliates that I directly recruited) – 10%

level 2 – 5%

Employer commissions

Affiliates of Xcelerate International are paid commissions on hiring down three tiers of hiring (unilevel) based on initial order volume:

level 1 (affiliates that I directly recruited): 35%

10% at level 2, and 5% at level 3.

Recurring Commissions

A 38 matrix is used by Xcelerate International to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is positioned at the top of a 38 matrix, with the following three slots underneath them:

The initial level of the matrix is made up of these three places. By dividing each of these places into three more positions, the second level of the matrix is created (9 positions).

The matrix is constructed from levels three through nine in the same way, with each level containing three times as many spots as the one before it.

5% of the sales volume produced by affiliate purchases across the matrix, excluding initial orders, is paid by Xcelerate International (see “recruitment commissions” above).

It should be noted that recruiting determines how many matrix levels an Xcelerate International affiliate receives on:

No recruiting equals levels 1 to 3 of the matrix. Two affiliate recruitment equals levels 1 to 6 of the matrix. Four affiliate recruitment equals levels 1 to 7 of the matrix. Six affiliate recruitment equals levels 1 to 8 of the matrix.

For qualified affiliates to qualify for residual commissions, they must additionally generate 60 PV or more each month.

Comparative Bonus

The residual commissions generated by affiliates whom Xcelerate International directly recruited are matched by 50%.

becoming a member of Xcelerate International

There is no information about membership fees for Xcelerate International on the business website.

According to the Policies and Procedures of Xcelerate International, affiliate membership is free.

International Conclusion for Xcelerate

I’m not clear why Xcelerate International goes by the titles TriformX, XcelFuel, and Xcelerate International.

Although Xcelerate International seems to be in a more dominating position, its website nevertheless makes several references to “xcelfuel.”

Dan Maltais’ assertions of exclusiveness for Ferox fuel tabs are likewise confusing to me.

Our specific product is unique to us. This formulation that we have is unique.

It is essentially the “2.0” iteration of this product.

On Ferox’s website, there is no mention of a revised fuel tab composition. Additionally, anybody may sign up to become a distributor for Ferox.

Cutforth is at least one additional MLM firm that sells fuel tabs made by Ferox.

It is uncertain if Maltais is wrong to assert exclusivity or whether Ferox and Rennsli Corp are defrauding their other distributors.

My opinion on gasoline tabs is as follows, even if Rennsli does offer a ton of proof to support its marketing claims:

Everyone would already be using them if they were the marvels they are advertised to be.

And while Rennsli may stand behind their goods, Xcelerate International will only intervene as a last option if a consumer is dissatisfied;

The Marketing Partner and their customer have these transactions’ main relationship. Only a third-party merchant and fulfillment service function is filled by Xcelfuel.

The selling Marketing Partner is in charge of resolving any disputes with Retail Customers. If a settlement cannot be reached, the Company may act as a third-party mediator.

That hardly inspires confidence.

Moving on to Xcelerate International’s compensation scheme, everything is focused on affiliate recruiting and a three-pack or greater autoship, but retail sales are feasible (60 PV).

As a potential affiliate, the good news is that due diligence is simple.

All you need to know is how many retail packs your potential upline has sold recently compared to the number of affiliates they have on autoship.

Be careful to get proof of retail sales. If none are given, rely on the fact that no retail transactions are occurring.

Observe how you were approached as well. Was the affiliate pitching a business opportunity or did they start with the product?

If the latter, try to remember exactly what it was said you would be doing to make money.

Company-wide Although I’m sure Xcelerate International is working as an autoship recruiting scheme, some affiliates that focus on retail may be successfully growing.

In general, this year has witnessed the emergence of a lot of gasoline tab MLM businesses. As a result of this and rising gasoline costs, the long-term viability of the firm is improved—at least temporarily.

This has happened previously as well. And none of the MLM businesses that erupted previously exist now (2013-2014; Zazzed, Future Global Vision, etc.).

Take care when approaching.

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