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On their website, XtreamFX Global Academy omits to include ownership and/or executive information.

Instead, stock images and videos dominate the XtreamFX Global Academy website.

The website domain (“xtreamfx. global”) for XtreamFX Global Academy was initially registered in 2020. On February 7th, 2022, the private registration was last updated.

In Wyoming, XtreamFX Global Academy is legally recognized as XtreamFX Global LLC.

On December 31, 2020, the company’s official private Facebook group for XtreamFX Global Academy was established.

Tanny Delia Gonzalez, Ragan Lynch, Travis Trice, Jacob Faheem Mickle, Quiana McConnell, Linda Rogers-Brown, Julie M. Trice, Rodney Christopher Burris, and Seven Hues are the administrators of the official XtreamFX Global Academy Facebook page.

I was able to confirm that Adrian Sloan and Jacob Mickle are the co-founders of Xtream Global Academy.

Adrian Sloan and Jacob Mickle formerly promoted the Tradera pyramid scam.

Trader’s demise prompted Mickle and Sloan to initiate a lawsuit against payment processor layout.

high-level Tradera distributors who, up until about a week ago, made a sizable income from commissions on their downline and other marketing activities.

In the litigation, Ragan Lynch (doing business as Ragan Lynch Simmons) was also a plaintiff. Lynch had Mickle and Sloan in his Tradera downline.

I believe Lynch (on the right) is also a founding member of XtreamFX Global.

The case, which was filed in December 2020—the same month that XtreamFX Global Academy officially launched—was secretly resolved in March 2021 after arbitration.

Continue reading for a detailed analysis of the MLM opportunity from XtreamFX Global Academy.

Products of XtreamFX Global Academy

Monthly membership subscriptions for forex education are available from XtreamFX Global Academy:

FX Student: $99 at first, then $99 each month (forex education, forex trade ideas, live training, and video academy)

Dual Student: $199 upfront, followed by $199 each month (adds HFX education and trading ideas)

Trio Student: $179 upfront, then by $179 each month (adds NADEX exchange education and trading ideas)

US30 Academy costs $199 upfront, and then $199 per month (including an assessment-based forex instruction course, “ultimately guided education and trading ideas,” and “trade secrets and tactics”).

On the website of XtreamFX Global Academy, there are no exact specifics on any of the aforementioned services.

Affiliate membership with XtreamFX Global Academy grants accesses to a platform for discounted purchasing. This seems to be connected to paying subscription fees.

Compensation Plan for XtreamFX Global Academy

Affiliates of XtreamFX Global Academy profit from subscription sales to retail customers and affiliates they have attracted.

The compensation structure of XtreamFX Global is based on a 3-by-infinite matrix.

An affiliate is now at the top of the matrix, with the following three spots immediately behind them:

The initial level of the matrix is made up of these three places. These three places are divided into two sets of three positions to create the second and following levels of the matrix.

A typical MLM matrix has a cap, but the matrix at XtreamFX Global Academy has no cap. This transforms it into a binary hybrid (three legs instead of two).

The recruiting process and direct and indirect subscription sales are used to fill positions in an XtreamFX Global matrix.

Global Affiliate Ranks for XtreamFX

The compensation structure of XtreamFX Global has thirteen affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Tradesman: find and keep 3 affiliates Affiliate: register as an XtreamFX Global affiliate

Maintain three affiliates that you directly recruited and have ten affiliates altogether in your downline (4/4/2 minimum across the matrix).

Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a downline of 25 affiliates overall (10/10/5 minimum throughout the matrix) to qualify for XFX Silver.

Maintain 3 personally hired affiliates for XFX Gold, and you must have a minimum of 75 associates spread out over your matrix in a 30/30/15 ratio.

Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates and have a downline of 250 affiliates (divided at least 100/100/50 across the matrix) to qualify for the XFX Diamond rank.

Maintain 3 individually hired affiliates and have a downline of 500 affiliates overall (divided at least 200/200/100 throughout the matrix) to qualify for XFX Platinum.

Maintain 3 personally hired affiliates for Monarch, and have a total of 1000 associates in your downline (divided at least 400/400/200 across the grid).

Maintain 3 personally recruited affiliates for XFX Emperor/Empress, and have a downline of 2500 affiliates overall (divided at least 1000/1000/500 throughout the matrix).

Maintain 3 personally hired affiliates and have a downline of 5000 affiliates overall (divided at least 2000/2000/500 throughout the matrix) using XFX Legend.

Maintaining 3 personally recruited affiliates and having a downline of 15,000 affiliates (divided at least 6000/6000/3000 across the matrix) are requirements for the Imperial 200K rank.

Maintain three affiliates that you directly recruited, and have 40,000 affiliates in your downline overall (16,000/16,000/8000 minimum across the matrix).

Maintaining 3 individually hired affiliates, XFX Icon has a downline of 75,000 affiliates (divided at a minimum of 30,000/30,000/15,000 across the matrix).

Keep in mind that affiliates who have been recruited must have paid all fees due to qualify for a rank.

Employment and Commissions from Retail

Affiliates of XtreamFX Global get paid $2 for each matrix job filled.

Retail subscribers or recruited affiliates, both direct and indirect, may fill positions.

The following factors influence how many layers of the matrix recruiting commissions are received:

Earn $2 for each matrix position filled down eight levels without recruiting or receiving recommendations.

Earn $2 for each matrix slot filled down nine levels when you sell one subscription or bring on one affiliate.

Earn $2 for each matrix spot filled down 10 levels by selling two subscriptions and/or finding two affiliates.

either generate three subscription sales or three affiliate hires

Earn $2 for each spot in the eleven-level matrix that is filled.

Earn $2 for each matrix position filled down 12 levels by bringing in three affiliates.

Earn $2 for each matrix slot filled down fourteen levels by bringing in 10 affiliates.

It should be noted that the aforementioned requirements do not apply to retail subscribers or affiliates who have been recruited.

Recurring Commissions

Remaining commissions from XtreamFX Global are based on rank:

Apprentices receive $125 weekly.

Every week, XFX Silvers make $250.

Every week, XFX Golds make $500.

Every week, XFX Diamonds make $1250.

Platinum at XFX makes $2500 every week.

A monarch makes $5000 each week.

Emperors/Empresses of XFX make $12,500 each week.

XFX Legends’ weekly salary is $25,000

Every week, imperials make $200,000.

Every week, Imperial 500Ks make $125,000.

Every week, XFX Icons make $250,000.

XtreamFX Global Academy enrollment

Costs associated with affiliate membership are not specified by XtreamFX Global Academy on their website or in their reward structure.

However, the affiliate membership tiers for XtreamFX Global Academy are as follows:

Affiliate: $99, followed by $99 per month + $69 per year after the initial year (appears to include FX Student)

$299 for Affiliate Plus, followed by $129 every month (appears to include Dual Student)

Affiliate Pro costs $499 initially, then $149 each month (appears to include US30 Academy)

The Global XtreamFX Academy Conclusion

XtreamFX Global Academy, which is administered by top earners from the defunct pyramid scam Tradera, is essentially a continuation of that platform.

The $2 matrix commissions and enhanced rank criteria, which translate into higher commissions than Tradera, are the only differences in terms of compensation.

Other than that, the models and the goods with the same type of forex education are the same.

The “profit sharing” token and a discount shopping platform are two things that XtreamFX Global does add.

XtreamFX Global Academy may now be subject to securities fraud, according to information on the latter:

Your Buying Power rises as the Common Unity does. You will get extra XtreamFX Common-Unity tokens with each XFX IBO membership and renewal.

Invest in passive income growth or exchange your XtreamFX Common-Unity Tokens for Bitcoin.

The token investment program for XtreamFX Global Academy is only accessible with higher-tier affiliate memberships.

The internal value of the coin used by XtreamFX Global Academy is not mentioned in the disclosures. Affiliates would be engaging in securities fraud and running a Ponzi scheme if they were able to withdraw more money than they had put into the tokens (wire fraud).

If not, XtreamFX Global’s forex business is only a facade to cover up pyramid recruiting, similar to Tradera.

Although it’s neither necessary nor directly rewarded, retail is a possibility. Instead, becoming an affiliate, paying fees, and bringing in other people to do the same is significantly more profitable.

To maximize your pay through XtreamFX Global Academy, recruiting is required.

This is the summary of BehindMLM’s evaluation of Tradera:

Tradera finally boils down to whether it is profitable to pay $99 every 28 days.

The three-day return policy on Tradera is an indication that it isn’t.

“Tradera provides a three-day, money-back guarantee on all startup costs paid to the business. All additional costs are not returnable.

Three days won’t be enough time to recoup your $99 investment, and extrapolating three days’ worth of forex signals to twenty-eight days is foolish.

What’s the point then?

By the time you determine whether or not Tradera’s signals are worthwhile, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

Tradera could either extend the return time or provide free signals if they truly believed in their money prospect (trial membership).

Give customers a two-week or even one-month trial run of the trading alerts. Why wouldn’t they pay $99 if they’re profitable?

Relating to Tradera’s disclosure shortcomings in addition to regulatory compliance, this is crucial because, if something goes wrong, someone needs to be held responsible.

Accountability is crucial given how fast an MLM forex signals opportunity may go bad.

Just on that ground, I might be hesitant to register with Tradera. However, if you’re dead set on it, you should first try the 28-day retail Client membership.

Ask for evidence that the company’s signals have made money over the last 28 days if someone has pitched you Tradera instead.

If they are unable to do that, proceed cautiously.

Even worse is the “no refunds” return policy of XtreamFX Global Academy:

All transactions are concluded. Payments made in the past are not returnable.

I would inquire about the number of current retail subscriptions your potential XtreamFX Global Academy upline has in addition to requesting proof of trading signal profitability.

If any, consider how much their active recruited associates contribute.

You want an even spread, which neither occurred in Tradera nor is anticipated to occur in XtreamFX Global.

A pyramid scheme, Tradera. Top earners in the pyramid system are in charge of running XstreamFX Global Academy.

Only the aforementioned top earners and their Tradera downline (insiders) will profit. The price for this is that everyone else must pay fees.

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