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Matrix Pro Leads identifies itself as a part of Print Buyers Club, Inc.

Print Buyers Club is headquartered in Florida. It and Matrix Pro Leads are both owned and run by Billy Hayes, the chief executive.

In particular, Matrix Pro Leads asserts to be

Print Buyers Club is an offshoot of Print Buyers Club Inc, a network marketing tools provider situated in West Palm Beach, Florida with over 12 years of expertise offering world-class service in the multi-level, business opportunity, and network marketing industries.

Print Buyers Club operates under the name Print Founders and has a website of its own.

According to Print Founders’ website, the company offers “business-exploration tools.”

In the “network marketing” part of the website of Print Founders, a variety of MLM gifting, pyramid, and Ponzi scams are presented:

These are categorized alongside reputable MLM firms.

I was unable to determine if Hayes (on the right) is or was a proponent of these scams. His participation in at least a portion of them is probable.

Matrix Pro Leads is its own MLM revenue opportunity, whereas Print Founders sells services to promote other MLM businesses.

Continue reading for a detailed analysis of Matrix Pro Leads’ MLM potential.

Matrix Pro Leads

Matrix Pro Leads sells prospects

To assist persons involved in network marketing and other home-based enterprises in locating individuals to assist with product promotion.

The firm asserts that it has “combed the Internet for just the most qualified leads” There are no specifics offered.

Our Business Opportunity Buyer leads have an established conversion rate! And the highlight? Our high-quality Business Opportunity Buyer Leads start at only $0.24 per lead, and you are secured by our exclusive ‘Dual-Layer’ Matrix Pro Leads guarantee.

Matrix Pro leads encompass direct mail, email, and call/SMS.

$30 for 100 direct mail leads, $70 for 250, $135 for 500, and $240 for 1,000.

$30 for 100 email leads, $70 for 250, and $135 for 500

$40 for 100 call/SMS leads, $80 for 250, $145 for $500, and $248 for 1,000

The aforementioned “dual-layer assurance” refers to

a guarantee against returned direct mail (refund of fifty cents for each lead)

Two-for-one replacement of invalid email addresses and phone numbers.

On its website, Matrix Pro Leads mentions a “monthly lead subscription package,” but provides no other information.

The Matrix Pro Leads Compensation Strategy

Affiliates of Matrix Pro Leads are compensated for selling leads to retail clients and newly recruited affiliates.

Note that the volume of leads ordered is proportional to the cost of leads ordered.

Commission Qualifications for MLM

A Matrix Pro Leads affiliate must acquire leads and “keep monthly activity standards” to qualify for MLM commissions.

Monthly activity requirements compel Matrix Pro Leads affiliates to acquire at least $30 in leads each month.

Affiliates of Matrix Pro Lead who do not purchase leads each month receive just single-level commissions.

First Order Bonus

The First Order Bonus is paid on the initial order placed by a retail customer or an affiliate directly recruited by the consumer.

The First Order Bonus provides a commission of 33% on the first order volume.

Recurring Commissions

Matrix Pro Leads pays residual commissions using a 3×10 matrix.

A 310 matrix places an affiliate at the top, followed by three ranks right behind them:

These three locations comprise the matrix’s initial level. The second level of the matrix is formed by dividing each of the initial three positions into three additional positions (9 positions).

The third through tenth levels of the matrix are constructed identically, with each successive level containing three times as many locations as its predecessor.

Commissions are paid as a percentage of lead orders placed by affiliates recruited directly or indirectly and placed in the matrix as follows.

level 1 lead order volume – 33%

levels 2 through 9 surpass volume by 3%

level 10 lead order volume – 8%

Joining Matrix Pro Contributes

A monthly Matrix Pro Leads affiliate membership is $4.95.


In line with the gifting, pyramid, and Ponzi scams displayed on the website of Print Founders, Matrix Pro Leads establishes itself as a pyramid scheme.

This is accomplished by mandating the purchase of leads to qualify for MLM commissions.

This is known as “pay to play” and is a red flag for regulatory compliance.

Matrix Pro Leads sells leads, a real offering if one disregards the bogus business possibilities advertised on Print Founders’ website.

To prevent Matrix Pro Leads from violating the FTC Act, lead generation must be more transparent.

Lead purchasers should understand how the leads they purchase are created. Information such as the average number of returns or poor leads would also be useful.

Given that a guarantee is in place, providing this information should be straightforward.

Although not always the case, lead-generating MLM possibilities tend to work as closed loops.

That is, the purchased leads from Matrix Pro Leads are utilized to promote Matrix Pro Leads.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with it, so long as no coerced lead purchases are involved.

If the majority of Matrix Pro Leads’ affiliates purchase leads each month to qualify for commissions on recruited affiliates who likewise purchase leads to qualify for commissions, this is a classic pyramid scam.

The closed loop is created through the employment of leads to stimulate recruitment into the pyramid scheme.

Given the vast number of blatant frauds advertised on Print Founders’ website, some of which proprietor Billy Hayes may or may not be familiar with, proceed with extreme caution.

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