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Danelle Meoli, the co-founder of Awakened, continues to deceive distributors and the general public over “exclusive rights” for the unshipped supplement Zenith.

Since August, BehindMLM has been following the Zenith patent debate.

The trial date for the dispute between TriPharma (currently doing business as Vietal Nutrition) and Family First Business Ministry (FFBM) is March 28, 2023.

The court observed that, until the resolution of the related California litigation, the patent dispute remains “unresolved.”

This lawsuit is still pending. The Patent’s ownership rights remain undetermined.

Meoli informs Awakened distributors that the business has “exclusive rights” to the contested patent.

This is the appropriate response when someone inquires about our formula’s introduction to the market years ago.

A distinct trademark name was used to advertise Zenith.

Since the seller is still in business, we will not reveal their identity.

However, they lost their exclusive formula rights.

Awakened currently owns the global rights to this product, and we are pleased to bring it back to the market.

Meoli blatantly lied when asked by an Awakened distributor about the above-mentioned court case.

It is not my perspective or opinion that the contested patent issue is unresolved; rather, I have presented this information exactly from a court ruling.

In the same private Awakend Facebook group, another distributor voiced opposition to exclusivity.

Again, Meoli’s response is regarded to be fraudulent. Because the formulations of FFBM and Vietal Nutrition are based on the same patent and ingredients, this is a legal concern.

Returning to the (TriPharma v. FFBM) et al. patent dispute litigation, BehindMLM announced on October 20 that FFBM’s counterclaims against Awakened had been rejected.

Four counterclaims were rejected owing to the absence of “newly discovered information” in the first petition. FFBM’s other two counterclaims were rejected for lack of merit.

They are so imprecise and conclusory that they cannot support reasonable charges against Tripharma.

The court authorized FFBM to refile a revised counterclaim, which it did on October 26.

FFBM spent millions of dollars in March 2011 to acquire the rights to the ‘892 Patent, Trisynex, the UConn research and additional clinical trials including Trisynex, and the EJAP Publication.

Since October 1, 2014, FFBM has owned the exclusive rights to the Trisynex product, the clinical trials, and the ability to use and reference the EJAP Publication (together referred to as “the Intellectual Property”).

FFBM has just found, however, that earlier this year, the Tripharma Defendants falsely claimed to Awakened and its agents that Tripharma had the sole rights to the Intellectual Property and could “transfer” these rights to Awakened.

Through this fraudulent licensing agreement, Awakened and the Awakened Individual Defendants are falsely claiming ownership of the ‘892 Patent (a patent that has EXPIRED) and the Intellectual Property, including the UConn Study and consequent EJAP Publication.

Awakened and the Awakened Individual Defendants claimed to have “rebranded” the Trisynex product as Zenith, Awakend’s “own product.”

As part of this “rebranding,” the Counter-Defendants altered the EJAP Publication to replace the brand name Trisynex (which was the subject of the real UConn research) with Zenith.

In August, BehindMLM reported about Awakend’s falsified Zenith research. Since then, it has been withdrawn from circulation.

FFBM files this Counter-Complaint to seek damages resulting from Counter-Defendants’ fraudulent scheme, as well as injunctive relief to prevent Awakened from continuing to market, sell, or distribute its “Zenith” product, and to prevent Counter-Defendants from using or referring to the Intellectual Property and/or the ‘092 Patent.

I do not know at this time if FFBM’s counterclaim will affect the March 2023 jury trial. I will continue to follow the docket for any further developments.

Footnote: BehindMLM’s call-out of Meoli’s falsehoods should not be understood as siding with FFBM.

BehindMLM has no vested interest in the result of this dispute; I’m only reporting on events till the case’s conclusion. We will report on the outcome if TriPharma or FFBM succeeds.

I contend that Awakened should not have begun charging consumers fees while the patent status of their flagship supplement (which, for some reason, has not yet been supplied) is in the issue.

We’d also like Meoli to cease providing disinformation to Awakened distributors.

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