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BlackOxygen Organics ascribed their regulatory troubles to former distributor David Bykowski in a September extortion lawsuit.

Bykowski encouraged members of his Facebook group and others to register complaints about BlackOxygen Organics goods with Health Canada, the Canadian body that oversees consumable products, and the Food and Drug Administration of the United States in August 2021.

BlackOxygen Organics’ sales in the United States have also been adversely harmed by Bykowski’s attempt to “wreak havoc.”

The FDA halted the sale of BlackOxygen Organics’s goods in the United States when Bykowski began spreading false and derogatory claims about the company.

That was, of course, nonsense. Here is what occurred.

In or around August 2021, the FDA tested Fulvic Care Powder, a product manufactured by BlackOxygen Organics.

at the Canadian border, high amounts of lead and arsenic were discovered.

As a result of this discovery, the FDA confiscated the shipment and slapped a Fulvic Care Powder import alert restriction.

This compelled BlackOxygen Organics to delay additional US-bound shipments of Fulvic Care Powder.

After September 14, BlackOxygen Organics began sending its products to US consumers in violation of the FDA’s import alert prohibition.

(BlackOxygen Organics) released these shipments into commerce when they should have been detained by the FDA.

When identified, the FDA pursued a recall; however, the company ceased operations on November 23, 2021, before carrying out the recall.

Despite being well aware of the import restriction, BlackOxygen Organics imported and distributed its goods throughout the United States. This serves to emphasize the sleazy nature of this action.

Marc Saint Onge shut down the firm after the FDA contacted BlackOxygen Organics about a recall, instead of collaborating and coordinating a recall.

Instead of informing BlackOxygen Organics’ consumers and distributors of what had transpired, Saint Onge minimized the gravity of his conduct.

Saint Onge stated: “BlackOxygen Organics is shutting down” in a message made to clients and distributors.

Recent developments have unfortunately compelled us to make a very tough choice. As continuing to advance is no longer possible.

That is a long cry from saying, “Yeah, we violated a standing FDA import ban order, dispersed dangerous materials across the country, and now, um, the sky has fallen.”

Saint Onge’s behavior appears more heinous when compared to BlackOxygen Organics’ denials, overall disrespect for public health and safety, and legal threats.

If US authorities intend to pursue more action against BlackOxygen Organics and Saint Onge, they have not yet made this information public.

Meanwhile, the FDA issues a warning;

Because Fulvic Care Powder and Tablets contain identical components, the FDA advises customers to promptly dispose of both products.

Continued exposure to excessive amounts of these metals poses grave health hazards and can impact people and animals of all ages and health conditions.

It can be particularly detrimental to vulnerable groups, such as newborns, young children, pregnant women, and their fetuses, those with chronic health concerns, and animals.

The FDA is issuing this Public Health Alert to warn consumers about the dangers of using Fulvic Care Powder and Tablets by Black Oxygen or feeding them to their pets and recommends that people dispose of the goods.

BehindMLM discovered that BlackOxygen Organics goods are still being offered to U.S. consumers:

Keep abreast of subsequent developments…

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