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Initially estimated at $21 million, Blockchain Global investor losses have now risen to AUD 48.9 million (USD 34.8 million).

The amended investor loss amount of Blockchain Global is a result of current liquidation proceedings in Australia.

In October, the cryptocurrency exchange Blockchain Global, operated by Ryan Xu and Sam Lee (a.k.a. Zijing Xu and Xue Lee), failed.

According to Australian media;

According to administrators Pitcher Partners, the failed exchange Blockchain Global, which managed the ACX bitcoin platform, was originally believed to owe $21 million.

However, 107 claims have been lodged, bringing the total amount owed by the firm to $48.9 million, as reported by the company’s administrator to The Australian, Andrew Yeo.

Xu and Lee escaped to Dubai in the months leading up to Blockchain Global’s bankruptcy. They have subsequently fled into hiding and refuse to cooperate with Australian liquidators.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission documents related to Blockchain Global revealed creditors are owed between a few thousand dollars to $8.3 million.

Due to the international location of the company’s directors, it has been difficult to determine the company’s financial standing.

Xu and Lee abandoned Blockchain Global to concentrate on their HyperTech Ponzi schemes, including HyperCapital, HyperFund, and now HyperTech.

Hyperverse is the successor of HyperFund. HyperFund is an evolution of HyperCapital.

Unlike HyperCapital, which failed, Xu and Lee were able to launch Hyperverse before the formal failure of HyperFund.

It is uncertain how near HyperFund was to collapse before the debut of Hyperverse.

Xu and Lee have not yet been spotted. As part of Hyperverse’s virtual debut celebration, the duo has only appeared in an undated pre-recorded video that was published a few days ago.

It is thought that the full hour-and-a-half presentation was recorded in advance.

The Hyperverse website went up more than a week ago, yet it remains largely inoperable. In addition to numerous Hyperverse front-end assets, affiliates can access their monopoly money balances by logging into the former HyperFund back office.

BehindMLM has discovered that Hyperverse’s website design is a pre-made template.

The pricing of Nextgen by Craftengine is USD 79. From the developer’s website;

Nextgen is the best multipurpose Webflow template and UI Kit for video games and eSports.

The nextgen template was meticulously designed with the most recent game design trends in mind.

You will have a professional website and an outstanding launch for your new product.

This template offers everything you would want in a single location.

Presumably, whatever terrible game Hyperverse uses to conceal its NFT Ponzi scam will likewise be a ready-made solution.

On November 18th, a few weeks ago, “” was registered as the website’s domain.

The owner is identified as “Caden Li” with an incomplete (and likely fictitious) address in Dubai.

It is unknown whether Caden Li genuinely exists.

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