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The fraudsters at Intelligence Prime Capital have taken their departure scam to the next level… by sacking themselves from the firm.

Eddie, the accused head of Intelligence Prime Capital, used the “we’ve been hacked!” excuse during yesterday’s exit scam hijinks.

The management informed me that a hacker has breached the system’s security.

You recall that I warned you the hacker would approach us and demand payment.

And they want the corporation to pay them before they will stop hacking the system; they have even obtained our user information and won’t stop until they receive payment.

The corporation is certain that the same group of individuals is repeatedly sabotaging the business.

Then, I want everyone to immediately cease advertising and bringing money into the system unless additional individuals are willing to shoulder the load.

Hold off on promoting until the technical team has resolved all hacking issues so that our leaders will have more faith in the system and our leaders.

Remember not to speak it out loud and not to mention my name when you share this information… pls kindly.

Eddie released this message on WhatsApp, and Mike Lucas, a serial Ponzi marketer, disseminated it in a video.

Eventually, for whatever reason, this story was dropped.

It was replaced with the announcement that Eddie and the other administrators of Intelligence Prime Capital had dismissed themselves.

Eddie, the director of marketing at the capital, and his marketing team (including consultants and customer service personnel such as Jayden, Michelle, Patrick, Ken, Nate, Sharon, and Marcus) are sacked with immediate effect.

After conducting an inquiry, we have established that the team has violated their contract by spreading damaging rumors that have hurt the company’s reputation.

Their assertions have been conclusively shown to be untrue, and we reserve the right to initiate legal procedures to protect IPCapital’s honor and reputation.

As far as I’m aware, the whole Intelligence Prime Capital crew, except Eddie, quit a few days ago after the US shutdown was announced.

It is anticipated that Intelligence Prime Capital would struggle in the background before failing shortly. If I had to estimate, I’d say next week, although nothing is set in stone.

Eddie and his gang of con artists give themselves time to establish space between themselves and their victims by firing themselves.

As Intelligence Prime Capital was not widely advertised in Singapore, it is doubtful that regulators will take action. Before recent years, the United States was Intelligence Prime Capital’s principal source of new hires and investments.

In the United States, the SEC regulates securities. Intelligence Prime Capital, its administrators, and its promoters are not registered to offer securities in the United States.

A few weeks ago, Nigeria emerged as a new market for stealing money. The Bank of Nigeria occasionally issues warnings but is largely quiet about MLM-related securities fraud.

Mike Lucas (right) and Mike Donaldson (left) operate the IPC Rebels downline organization. They are regarded to be at or near the top of the Intelligence Prime Capital earnings ranking for the United States.

They announced their exit from the firm yesterday, with an account withdrawal effort scheduled for this weekend. This is likely to be common among US investors, thus my prediction of a market crash next week.

Having made a fortune via recruiting, Lucas (right) and Donaldson’s losses in back-office monopolies will be inconsequential.

In response to the continuing exit fraud and likely collapse of Intelligence Prime Capital, Lucas and Donaldson are funneling victims into the COTP Ponzi scheme.

Update, March 29, 2022 – Mike Lucas and Mike Donaldson has removed all recent “Mike & Mike” videos from Intelligence Prime Capital.

As a result, the previously available link to their mentioned video has been removed from this article.

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