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Despite the support of corrupt government officials, Ghana’s Attorney-General Godfrey Dame was able to defeat QNet.

In a ruling from July 2022 that was just recently disclosed, QNet was ordered to leave Ghana.

In court records, the Attorney General of Ghana describes QNet’s business strategy as a multi-level marketing (MLM) firm.

The firm worked similarly to a Ponzi scam by persuading consumers to make deposits and investments that they ultimately lost.

Mr. Dame stated that Q-NET mostly operated in the Ashanti, Western, Eastern, and Ahafo areas and participated in numerous “fraudulent schemes,” such as soliciting the general people to purchase items for exorbitant and nonexistent profits.

Investigations revealed, he added, that Q-NET collected money from people under the pretense that it could assist them to get employment.

BehindMLM evaluated QNet in 2017. Focused on QNet’s business plan, we determined that it was a pyramid scam based on the sale of products.

Dame identified Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, and Togo as the origin of QNet fraudsters operating in Ghana. He alleged that fraudulent claims taken from Ghanaian victims were subsequently laundered abroad.

“The respondent’s existence in the Ghanaian community has been severely harmed by the pervasive crime and illegality with which it is conducted,” he said.

To its credit, QNet has disregarded the Ghanaian Attorney General’s efforts to control the fraud.

Despite being served with the petition, hearing notifications, and documentary proof, Q-NET failed to appear in court and did not file a response to the case.

Instead, QNet attempted to subvert the AG’s probe. Chief Director of Ghana’s Ministry of Business Development Joe Tackie remarked in 2021 that he was “pleased to have QNET in Ghana for the long haul.”

It is unclear how much this endorsement cost.

According to a court ruling issued in July, QNet’s Ghanaian shell business has been ordered dissolved. QNet and its leadership have been prohibited from operating in the nation indefinitely.

Vijay Eswaran (right) operates QNet from Malaysia.

Since 1998, Malaysian authorities have turned a blind eye to QNet’s fraud, which occurs primarily outside the nation.

SimilarWeb identifies India (26%), Pakistan (11%), and Turkey (8%) as the top three sources of website traffic for QNet.

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