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LSG Financial positions itself as a financial institution.

LSG is a financial institution operating online. We assist you in planning your financial objectives and recommending prudent investment options, allowing you to save time and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your money is working for you.

The business’s name includes “Liam, Satchwell, and Galahad.” Typically surnames, there is no proof that these individuals exist.

In actuality, LSG Financial gives no details regarding the company’s ownership or its personnel.

The website domain of LSG Financial (“”) was privately registered on June 7, 2021.

SimilarWeb’s monitoring suggests that website traffic for LSG Financial was nonexistent until late August 2022. Belgium (51%) and the Netherlands (49%) are the top sources of website traffic for LSG Financial.

This even distribution clearly shows that LSG Financial is managed from Europe.

On August 10, 2022, a secret Facebook group titled “LSG Financial” was founded. Whether or not this is official is unknown. This aligns with an increase in internet traffic for LSG Financial.

Dinesh Francis and Freek Otf Andringa serve as administrators of the LSG Financial Facebook group.

It looks like Francis is pushing various Ponzi schemes:

Andringa indicates that he is headquartered in the Netherlands.

LSG Financial did not exist before 2021, according to Andringa’s allegations.

Before LSG Financial, Andringa marketed the fraudulent EvoRich scam.

This year, EvoRich folded following the arrest of its owner, Andrey Khovratov.

Another hypothesis is that Russians manage LSG Financial. This is based on the fact that LSG Financial’s website includes Yandex Translate.

Yandex is a Russian search engine that is rarely utilized outside of Russia.

If an MLM firm is not transparent about who runs or controls it, you should always think twice before joining and/or contributing money.

LSG Financial’s Merchandise
LSG Financial offers no goods or services for retail sale.

Affiliates may only promote affiliate membership with LSG Financial.

Compensation Plan at LSG Financial
Affiliates of LSG Financial invest funds with the promise of a daily return:

Safety Net – invest between $100 and $9,999 and get 0.8% to 0.85% daily.
Equity Pool – Invest $10,000 to $24,999 and get 1% to 1.05% daily.
ETF – invest $25,000 to $49,000 and gain daily returns of 1.6% to 1.65%
Fixed Income – Invest $50,000 to $99,999 and get 1.9% to 1.99% daily.
Balanced Fund – invest $100,000 or more and earn between 1.9% and 1.99% daily.
Invest $100,000 or more and enjoy daily returns of 1.5% to 1.7%.
According to LSG Financial’s investing strategies, the Retirement Fund returns less than the Balance Fund. It is puzzling why someone would invest at the Retirement Fund level.

Please note that LSG Financial Investment plans have a 12-month validity period, after which additional investments are necessary to continue earning.

LSG Fund’s MLM arm provides recruiting commissions for affiliate investors.

LSG Financial provides referral commissions on invested assets at three recruiting levels (unilevel):

level 1 (affiliates individually recruited) – 10%
level 2 – 5% level 3 – 3%
Integrating LSG Financial
It looks like LSG Financial affiliate membership is free.

An initial commitment of at least $100 is necessary to engage in the associated income opportunity.

LSG Financial Conclusion
Although LSG Financial promotes itself as a financial institution, it is a straightforward Ponzi scam.


Despite plainly selling securities through the operation of a passive investment plan, LSG Financial is not registered in any jurisdictions to provide securities.

Instead, Europe’s naive investors are given this nonsense:

LSG provides advice as a fiduciary and assists with money management.

LSG Financial LSC is a Michigan LARA (Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs)-registered investment advisor, whereas LSG Financial Services is an SEC-registered broker-dealer regulated by the Michigan CSCL (Corporations, Securities and Commercial Licensing Bureau).

LSG Financial is an SEC-registered organization.

This is from a 10-K Annual Report submitted by LSG Financial with the SEC in April 2022:

Lode-Star Mining Inc. was founded on December 9, 2004, in the state of Nevada for the acquisition and exploration of mineral assets.

On December 28, 2021, we entered into a purchase agreement with Sapir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

On December 5, 2014, under a Mineral Option Agreement (the “Option Agreement”) dated October 4, 2014, we entered into a subscription agreement (the “Subscription Agreement”) with Lode-Star Gold INC., a private Nevada corporation (“LSG”) in which we agreed to issue 35,000,000 shares of our common stock, valued at $230,180, in exchange for an initial 20% undivided beneficial interest in and to LSG’s Goldfield property, making LSG our largest and controlling shareholder.

The LSG Financial Services SEC registration related to “Lode-Star Gold.” Moreover, it is a non-profit organization.

Our auditor has granted a going concern opinion even though we have had no income and losses from start.

To support our activities, we rely on loans and/or the sale of securities. We have no staff and anticipate relying on external consultants, advisors, attorneys, and accountants for the next twelve months.

How then is a business with no income giving out up to 1.95 percent every day?

They’re not. The SEC-registered LSG Financial Services is unrelated to the MLM firm LSG Financial.

The fraudsters behind the MLM firm LSG Financial have stolen the name and fabricated an affiliation.

Notwithstanding LSG Financial has not gained traction in the United States. LSG Financial is not registered in either Belgium or the Netherlands to provide securities.

No precise investment data are offered on the public-facing website of LSG Financial, where the Ponzi scheme is being handled by fraudsters.

As is the case with many MLM Ponzi schemes, as affiliate recruitment dries up, so will fresh investment.

This will deprive LSG Financial of ROI revenue, causing its eventual demise.

The mathematics underlying MLM Ponzi schemes ensures that the majority of participants will lose money upon their collapse.

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