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CashFX Group gathered $432 million from credulous investors in 2021, slightly shy of $500 million.

This funding has decreased to $112 million in 2022.

On a broad scale, this may sound recoverable… Until you consider that CashFX Group earned less than a million dollars in October 2022.

James, the “Bitcoin/Blockchain expert” of the Facebook group CashFX (in collaboration with EverFX) Scam – Now What!?, has computed the CashFX Group wallet figures.

As communicated by group administrator Harry Page on October 28th;

James, our Bitcoin/Blockchain specialist, has already disclosed that CFX earned $432,464,782.83 over the first nine months of 2021…

The total income for the first ten months of this year is just $112,122,287.17…

January \s$19,257,218.77

February \s$21,671,493.64

March \s$20,655,696.82

April \s$17,082,067.47

A little drop. Not an issue for a respectable firm, but for a Ponzi scheme, three months without exponential growth is disastrous.

May \s$12,299,023.57
Oh, dear.

June \s$10,119,547.48 \sOoops.

July \s$5,722,344.69
Oh gosh, very unfortunate.

August \s$2,031,065.21 \sLolz.

September \s$2,331,930.42
Bravo, a small recovery.

October \s$951,899.10
Don’t freak out!!

Currently, we are definitely in the death curve for Ponzi schemes.

CashFX Group’s ROI liabilities topped $100 million as of Fonebruary 2022. The present value is unclear, but it is anticipated to increase tremendously.

In related news, James has compiled payment information for several of CashFX Group’s highest-earning employees:

Between September 2019 and August 2021, Hazel Moore amassed $670,092 over 162 deals.
Between May 2020 and July 2022, Neil Slinn earned $507,425 from 163 deals.
Slinn was also a “hush money” CashFX Group insider.

Binance has been revealed as the processor that allowed CashFX Group to launder more than $484 million.

BehindMLM predicted that CashFX Group would fail in November 2021.

Since then, the Ponzi scheme has intermittently made selected withdrawal payments.

Since late 2021, Huascar Lopez, owner of CashFX Group and a citizen of the Dominican Republic, has not been seen in public.

Lopez’s present situation is unknown, however, he is presumed to be under investigation.

If you’re wondering who on Earth is still being recruited by CashFX Group, SimilarWeb reports that the United Kingdom (29%), Australia (8%), and Norway (7%) are the leading sources of website traffic.

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