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Leonardo Cositorto, the creator of the defunct Generation Zoe Ponzi scam, is presently being detained on fraud charges in an Argentinian jail.

Cositorto has established All Us Education to combat fraud.

All Us Education identifies itself as an “academy” on its website.

Become a Superb Trainer

Be the change you wish to see in the world, and you’ll learn how to establish the right conditions for a coaching or potential talk.

Learn about a variety of topics, including finance, trading, future design, and organizational leadership.

Not unexpectedly, former Generation Zoe investors comprise All Us Education.

The business concept is straightforward. Sign up, pay $6, recruit five people, and make money.

All Us Education is, thus, a pyramid scam.

Cositorto (right) stated in a recent interview from prison that neither Generation Zoe nor All Us Education was pyramid scams.

A pyramid is when, first, there is no product, and second, you make money by inviting others to participate.

Third, the recipient of an invitation can never earn more than the inviter. However, there is rarely a product.

In addition, Zoe possessed a product, which was an instructional product.

Putting aside the fact that Generation Zoe was primarily a Ponzi scam (all MLM Ponzi schemes have a pyramid element), the addition of a product to a Ponzi and/or pyramid scheme does not excuse fraud.

Fraud is defined by a business strategy regardless of whether items are linked. Over two decades have passed since the “but we have a product!” ploy was popular.

All Us Education does not have any retail clients. You join up as an affiliate and are compensated for recruiting new affiliates. Again, regardless of what it is tied to (in this example, some bogus education platform), All Us Education’s business model is a pyramid scheme.

Oh, and they are likely selling your personal information as well;

What personal information do we gather?

Through our channels, our academy gathers and maintains your personal and identifying information (such as your name, surname, apartment address, email address, courses of interest, citizenship, gender, location and date of birth, and telephone number).

As of early October, All Us Education has suffered a loss of $6500. Beyond double-scamming Generation Z victims, it does not appear to have much potential.

Another source of revenue for Costitorto is the sale of the story rights to Generation Zoe, which presents its challenges (accuracy being the primary concern).

There are two multinational production firms behind the effort. Vice TV is headquartered in London.

The other, according to their environment, is an American corporation. PROFILE CRDOBA verified through provincial officials that Vice TV contacted Cositorto.

As he was able to recreate this medium in April of this year, it was in that month. The negotiation continued from there. It was filmed after the deal was signed in the middle of the year.

There are shots at the prison where Cositorto was interviewed, the Bouwer prison.

They noted from the atmosphere of Generation Zoe’s leader that the agreement is part of a secrecy agreement.

Production has reached its conclusion.

As of the 30th of October, there are reportedly two parties covering the Generation Zoe Ponzi scandal.

In July, Cositorto, who had been detained since his extradition to Argentina in April, was denied bail for the third time.

The criminal case against Cositorto continues, although there have been no noteworthy developments since the bail refusal in July.

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