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Anatoli Unitsky, the company’s founder, has stated that Skyway Capital would be rebranded as Unitsky String Technologies.

Unitsky indicated in a news statement released on November 24

Due to a variety of factors, the corporation reverted to its original name.

Since 2016, BehindMLM has been monitoring the Skyway Capital Ponzi fraud. I am unfamiliar with “Unitsky String Technologies.”

In conjunction with the rebranding, Anatoly is now known as “Unitsky” rather than “Yunitskiy.”

Consistent with his strange assertion that Skyway Capital has nothing to do with his Skyway Technologies firm (despite the fact that they are all the same company), Unitsky asserts that the purpose of the reboot is to streamline operations.

Separate yourself from those investment funds whose operations may erroneously involve the operation of our engineering business, which has nothing to do with soliciting global investments conducted under the SkyWay name.

This is demonstrated in the news release. A few pages later, Unitsky continues by stating:

Everyone is aware that the majority of the funding for the development of string transport by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. came from crowdinvesting, through fund companies independent of the developer company and unaffiliated with it, networks of business angels and enthusiasts working within the framework of partner programs offered by fund companies.

This style of funding has exhibited a high degree of efficiency and enabled rapid technical advancement and product development.

As a result of the lack of a defined regulatory framework for crowdinvesting, which is viewed as a high-risk investment method in a number of nations, crowdinvesting has also led to a number of negative implications.

In this regard, financial regulators in several nations have issued warnings regarding the potential risk of investing in a number of fund firms whose names contain the phrase and brand “SkyWay” (First SkyWay Invest Group Limited, Skyway Capital Ltd, Sky Way Invest Group).

Skyway Capital is not a traditional investment vehicle; rather, it is a “crowdinvesting plan.”

Regulators were interested in the aforementioned “crowdinvesting plan,” but they have no idea what they’re talking about because “crowdinvesting” is not an investment.

Regardless, we’ve changed our name, so can we get additional money?

Skyway Capital has received fraud alerts from Estonia, New Zealand (2018 and 2020), Greece, Germany, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, and Spain over the years.

Instead of admitting fraud and that Skyway Capital is a Ponzi scheme, Unitsky asserts;

Obviously, the existence of such a warning does not imply dishonesty in the acts of these organizations, but it threw a shadow on the SkyWay brand and badly impacted the brand of the creator of string transport, Unitsky String Technologies Inc.


Following the failures of the “train in a pasture in Belarus,” “train in a sand lot in Dubai,” and “moon train” marketing schemes, Unitsky’s next marketing scheme is freight transport.

We are presently introducing our urban passenger complexes to the market. Next, cargo solutions will be provided.

A pre-stressed string-rail overpass, which is the most challenging and expensive of them, will be identical to passenger transit.

We have already exhibited terminals for loading and unloading. We need to make a few minor adjustments before we can offer these complexes for sale.

Then comes high-speed transport and infrastructure complexes (up to 500 km/h) – perhaps the most challenging and one of the most promising topics.

If all goes according to plan, we will be able to introduce them to the global market by 2025.

BehindMLM will publish a comprehensive evaluation if fresh investment plans and an associated Unitsky String Technologies compensation plan are announced.

Until then, the most important takeaway is that Skyway Capital has been operating its Ponzi scam using passenger monorail technology.

Even though testing began in 2015, no commercial Skyway Capital train system exists anywhere in the globe at this time.

Numerous investment losses, though.

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