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The “click a button” Ponzi scheme at Peace Ranch has failed.

The website for Peace Ranch was taken down a few hours before to the collapse.

The idea behind Peace Ranch, a “click a button” Ponzi scheme, was to raise money by selling investors cows.

Investors at Peace Ranch had to “click a button” every day to “milk their cows.” Daily returns were activated by this action.

In retrospect, if that seems very foolish to you, it was because it was.

The first “click a button” Ponzi fraud, known as Peace Ranch, was initially revealed in late 2021.

In the year 2022, “press a button” The majority of the nations that Ponzi fraudsters have targeted are in the third world. This relates to the fact that accessing the internet mostly through mobile devices.

South Africa was a target for Peace Ranch. Approximately 700,000 visitors to the Peace Ranch website in October 2022 were from South Africa, according to SimilarWeb.

“Press a button.” Chinese con artists operate ponzi scams. Particularly in Peace Ranch, connections to the Chinese government may have been found.

No regulatory agency has been able to prevent or recover from “click a button” Ponzi schemes to yet. The Chinese government is unlikely to take any action because the con artists are cautious about avoiding China itself.

The actual number of victims at Peace Ranch and the extent of their losses are still unknown.

If I were to make an estimation, “click a button” Ponzi losses currently likely total well over a billion.

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