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The official YouTube account for CashFX Group is giving a “not available” message.

Although we don’t know the precise time the channel went offline, it is thought to have vanished within the past 24 hours.

It’s also not clear who terminated the channel—CashFX Group or YouTube.

It makes no sense for CashFX Group to delete the channel when the scam’s other social media accounts are still active. The obvious question that arises when YouTube deletes a channel is: Why?

The withdrawal is likely only temporary, however, CashFX Group has not yet made an official announcement.

7th December 2021 update The following error is displayed while trying to access older films that were stored on CashFX Group’s YouTube channel:

This is proof that YouTube itself shut down the channel for CashFX Group. There is no explanation given for the discontinuation.

Update: On December 28, 2021, YouTube reactivated the channel for CashFX Group.

It’s still unknown why the channel was shut off in the first place.

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