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Mining City started their exit-scam in October by preventing withdrawals made via KYC.

The exit fraud at Mining City has got worse, as revealed in a fresh message distributed to affiliate investors.

The unfortunate news is that KYC has been further delayed, which is poor news for Mining City affiliate investors.

Due to technological difficulties, the KYC and compliance procedure is a labor-intensive operation that will take a few more weeks.

Everyone who has received approval for KYC, supposedly (anyone, bueller? ), will be allowed to

Prior to the completion of the compliance procedure, you can access compensation plans and Binary Points.

Withdrawals are not mentioned.

The corporation also stated from December 3rd it was no longer aggressively marketing Mining City, but I can’t think anybody is

The selling of new mining plans for BTCV (Bitcoin Vault) and ELCASH (Electric Cash) will come to an end.

Due to changes in energy prices, the power cost (service cost) for previously acquired and new BTC mining plans will rise from USD 0.0475 to USD 0.06 per KWH.

Due to increases in the price of equipment on the market, we are halving the number of TH/s that are being supplied for each new mining plan that is purchased.

Because it takes longer to deliver and connect equipment to the mining farms abroad, the wait period before real mining can begin has increased from 10 to 30 days.

So, to conclude, Mining City is increasing fees, further decreasing payments, postponing initial monopoly money incentives, and not selling any new mining plans (no new investment)—for mining plans that it is also no longer selling.

What a disaster.

To further fleece its investors, Mining City claims that its KYC implementation is not yet complete.

You will be able to advertise the items and withdraw sales commissions when we make further improvements.

We will be able to respond to market developments and ensure that we can sell mining goods to new customers thanks to this.

What are Mining City marketing now that the new BTCV and ELCASH investment plans have been canceled?

Why, of course, a new shitcoin.

A copy of ELCASH introduced as a BEP-20 token is called Wrapped ELCASH, or wELCASH. That is to say, it required some time to set up.

Affiliates of Mining City are invited to convert their unused ELCASH to wELCASH.

On its official website, Mining City does not disclose any details about its mining ambitions.

Owner of Mining City, BTCV, ELCASH, and wELCASH is Eyal Avramovich (right). Through MineBest, Avramovich controls his Ponzi scheme empire.

Avramovich is stationed in Poland together with his Mining City CEO sidekick Greg Rogowski.

The executives of Mining City have not yet been targeted by Polish authorities.

According to Alexa traffic rankings, South African, Bolivian, and Colombian citizens make up the majority of Mining City’s victims.

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