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On its website, Zylo Trade does not give information about its ownership and executives that may be verified.

A list of the “team” members is given, however it seems like they are all just profiled and stock images that have been randomly swiped.

The domain name “” for Zylo Trade’s website was privately registered on August 18, 2022.

Zylo Trade fraudulently asserts that it was “established in 2018” despite noting not existed until a few months ago.

A promotional film for Boris CEO was posted by Zylo Trade two weeks ago on its official YouTube account.

The CEO, played by actor “Johns Duncans Alexander,” has an accent that is not their own. I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but it’s not usual eastern European (maybe South America, Spain, or Italy?).

Alexander isn’t included on Zylo Trade’s website under “our team,” indicating that he was hired after the event.

Here is a second video in which the Alexander actor reads a prepared script in a very clumsy manner.

Regardless matter who he is, Johns Duncans Alexander is a fictional character, and all of the other people in Zylo Trade’s promotional film are actors.

Zylo Trade has disabled comments on its YouTube videos, which is telling.

The official Facebook page of Zylo Trade is run out of India:

From this, we deduce that Zylo Trade is probably run out of Russia, Ukraine, or maybe India.

Zylo Trade offers an unrelated company address in the UK in an apparent effort to conceal this.

Additionally, Zylo Trade offers certifications for shell companies for the UK, US, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Uganda, all of which are useless for due diligence.

Italy (9%), Russia (9%), and Brazil (6%), according to SimilarWeb, are the top three countries from which visitors come to Zylo Trade’s website.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from Zylo Trade
Zylo Trade does not offer any services or items for retail.

Only the Zylo Trade associate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

The compensation plan for Zylo Trade
On the promise of advertised profits, Zylo Trade affiliates invest cryptocurrency equivalents in USD.

Zylo Trade offers three investment tiers:

Investment Programs

Package 1 offers 1% every day for 200 days (200%) on investments between $20 and $4999.
Package 2: Make an investment of $5000 to $19,999 to get 1.5% daily interest for 180 days (270%).
Package 3: Make an investment of $20,001 to $49,999 to obtain 2% daily interest for 160 days (320%)
Investments between $50,000 and $99,999 will earn you 2.5% per day for 140 days (350%) under package 4.
Investments between $100,000 and $149,999 will earn 4% each day for 120 days (480%) under package 5.
Package fixes

Package 1 offers a 500% return on investments of $20 to $4999 over a 250-day period.
Package 2: Invest $5000 to $19,999 and get 3% daily interest for 250 days (750%).
Package 3: Invest between $20k and $49k to gain 4% daily interest for 250 days (1000%).
Investments between $50,000 and $99,999 will yield a return of 1250% (5% each day) with Package 4.
Investments between $100,000 and $149,999 will earn you 8% every day for 250 days (2000%) under package 5.
Islamic Plan

Package 1 offers “up to 1%” each day for 200 days when you spend $20 to $4999.
Package 2 offers a “up to 1.5%” daily return for 180 days if you invest $5000 to $19,999.
Package 3 offers a return of “up to 2%” every day for 160 days when you invest $20,000.
Package 4 offers “up to 2.5% per day for 140 days” for investments between $50,000 and $99,999.
Investments between $100,000 and $149,999 will yield “up to 4%” every day for 120 days with package 5.
Zylo Trade’s MLM division compensates for the recruitment of affiliate investors.

Trade Referral Commissions by Zylo
In Zylo Trade, there are 10 affiliate tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Earn $2500 in residual commissions as a contributor.
Earn $5,000 in residual commissions as a student.
Earn $10,000 in residual commissions as a specialist.
Earn $25,000 in residual commissions by being advanced.
Earn $50,000 in residual commissions as a professional
Earn $100,000 in residual commissions as an expert.
Earn $250,000 in residual commissions as a hustler.
Earn $500,000 in residual commissions as a veteran.
Earn $750,000 in residual commissions as a master.
Earn $1,000,000 in residual commissions with Supreme.
It is expected that needed residual commission amounts are monitored cumulatively even if this is not stated.

Advisory Commissions
On the money invested by affiliates that Zylo Trade directly recruited, a referral commission is paid.

Depending on which of the three primary Package levels an affiliate chooses to invest in, different referral commission rates apply:

Receive a 7% referral commission rate when you invest in Package 1 and an 8% referral commission rate when you buy in Package 2.
With an investment in Package 3, you may earn 9% in referral fees.
Receive a 10% referral commission rate if you invest in Package 4; a 12% referral commission rate if you buy in Package 5.
Recurring Commissions
Zylo Trade uses a binary compensation scheme to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is positioned at the head of a binary team that is divided into two sides (left and right) by a binary remuneration structure:

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. These initial two places are divided into another two positions each to create the second level of the binary team (4 positions).

The binary team is formed in stages, with each stage containing twice as many slots as the preceding stage.

Direct and indirect affiliate recruiting is used to fill positions on the binary team. The depth to which a binary team can expand is unbounded.

Each day’s fresh investment volume on both sides of the binary team is totaled by Zylo Trade at the conclusion of the day.

According to the Package tier they have invested at, affiliates are awarded a proportion of money invested on the side of their inferior binary team:

Invest in Package 1 and receive a residual commission rate of 7% with a daily cap of $1,000. Invest in Package 2 and receive an 8% residual commission rate with a daily cap of $2500. Invest in Package 3 and receive a residual commission rate of 9% with a daily cap of $5000. Invest in Package 4 and receive a residual commission rate of 10% with a daily cap of $10,000. Invest in Package 5 and receive a residual commission rate of 12% with a daily cap of $2
After being paid out, monies are flushed and matched against the stronger binary team side.

Any remaining volume on the side of the more powerful binary team carries over.

Zylo Trade offers the following rank achievement bonuses to affiliates who meet certain requirements:

Qualifying at Contributor earns you $125 or a smartphone; Qualifying at Scholar earns you $250 or an iWatch; Qualifying at Advanced earns you $1250 or an iPhone; Qualifying at Professional earns you $2500 or a trip to Dubai; Qualifying at Expert earns you $6000 or “country recognition + office sponsorship”; Qualifying at Hustler earns you $17,500 or “invitation to visit headquarters”; Qualifying at Veteran earns you
Prime, Direct, and Privilege Bonuses
Affiliates of Zylo Trade who deposit $10,000 to $49,999 will get a piece of the 2% investment made across the whole organization.

The increase is to

3% for affiliates who make a single deposit of $50,000 to $99,999 or more.
5% if an associate makes a deposit of $100,000 or more.
Taking up Zylo Trade
The Zylo Trade affiliate program is free to join.

The associated income opportunity requires a least $20 bitcoin commitment to participate fully.

Zylo Trade Summary
Zylo Trade claims to create outside income through

Trading of digital currencies, forex, Defi Protocols, NFT, gold, and staking.

No supporting data are given. Zylo Trade is not registered to provide securities in any jurisdictions, despite the fact that it obviously offers securities.

Additionally, the Ponzi logic test shows that Zylo Trade’s business model is flawed.

The proprietors of Zylo Trade would be quietly making 8% a day on a daily basis for themselves if they were really capable of doing so.

They most definitely wouldn’t give random people online access to the golden goose for free.

Zylo Trade is a straightforward Ponzi scam in spite of its marketing promises, the rest of which are disproved in the beginning to this study.

Zylo Trade leverages the investments made by affiliates to pay for withdrawals.

The “sharia compatible” investment plans offered by Zylo Trade are hence rather troublesome.

Investors who adhere to Sharia law can invest with our Sharia package and receive daily returns ranging from 1% to 4%.

Investment in fraudulent schemes is prohibited by Sharia law.

However, it is clear that Muslim populations are the target of this lip service. Indian and Pakistani nationals frequently target the Muslim immigrant population in the UK.

Like other MLM Ponzi schemes, fresh investment will dwindle as affiliate recruiting does.

As a result, Zylo Trade will eventually collapse from a lack of ROI revenue.

The mathematics behind Ponzi schemes ensures that when they fail, the majority of investors lose money.

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