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BBC Global’s website has no information on the company’s ownership or executives.

A visit to the BBC Global website at the time of writing discloses that it is “by invitation only.” The website itself is a promotional page with just login and signup possibilities.

On January 23rd, 2022, BBC Global’s website domain (“”) was privately registered.

The Cookie Policy on BBC Global’s website provides us with the following information:

The Florida address belongs to a virtual office provider and is unimportant in and of itself. The email address, especially the domain, is of interest.

The domain “” is registered in Florida. The registration was last updated in 2018 and appears to have been owned by the same person for quite some time.

For years, the website domain “” has remained inactive. So, who is employing an email server?

The Florida Residents Directory provides us with the following complete name:

Armen A. Temurian married Kevin Dalton Johnson to Travelada in 2019. Travelada was a travel-themed pyramid scam with a TACP package investment opportunity attached.

Temurian was the mastermind behind the defunct Vista Network Ponzi scam. In 2019, he filed a lawsuit against Dalton and other defendants, alleging, among other things, extortion.

Dalton and his co-defendants filed a counter-suit. In 2020, Temurian’s case was voluntarily dropped. The counter-claim litigation is still in progress.

In 2019, Temurian also linked Dalton to the ABC Systems Ponzi scam.

I was able to confirm this independently using Dalton’s “vtpk” email address:

Kevin Dalton Johnson lives in Florida. Aside from virtual office locations, it follows that BBC Global is also based in Florida.

According to Alexa, India is the sole significant source of traffic to BBC Global’s website (37%).

As always, if an MLM firm is not honest about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

Products from BBC Global
BBC Global does not have any retailable items or services. Affiliates can only promote BBC Global affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan for BBC Global
BBC Global affiliates spend $100 to $100,000 or more in bitcoin in exchange for a 200% return delivered in 48 hours.

$100 for 1 Diamond Package
$200 for two diamond packages
$300 for the 3 Diamond Package
$500 for a one-star package
$1000 for a two-star package
$5000 for a three-star package
$10,000 for a four-star package
$25,000 for a five-star package
$50,000 for a six-star package
$100,000 for a 7-Star Package
Bitcoin invested is transformed into BBC token, an in-house token.

BBC Global pays out in BBC, which must be converted back into bitcoin via the BBC Global backoffice.

BBC Global will cut the 200% ROI to 175% after May 1st. After August 1st, the ROI rate will be reduced to 150%.

BBC Global’s MLM division pays out on bitcoin invested by personally recruited affiliates.

Referral and residual commissions, I think, are paid in BBC token.

Commissions for Recommendation
Affiliates of BBC Global get a 25% commission on bitcoin invested by directly recruited affiliates.

Recurring Commissions
BBC Global compensates residual commissions using an ad hoc compensation mechanism.

In a unilevel compensation system, an affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team, with every individually recruited affiliate placed right under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates acquire new affiliates, they are assigned to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on for an unlimited number of levels.

BBC Global has set a limit of five chargeable unilevel team levels.

Residual commissions are calculated at 5% of bitcoin invested at each of the five tiers.

BBC Global is boosting residual commissions to 5% handed down to twenty unilevel team levels beginning August 1st.

Incentives for Recruitment
BBC Global is offering the following recruitment incentives between now and May 1st:

Make a $1,000,000 downline investment and you’ll get a $200,000 “vehicle of your choosing.”
Make a $500,000 downline investment and you’ll get a $75,000 “vehicle of your choosing.”
Joining BBC Global BBC Global affiliate membership is contingent on a $100 to $100,000 bitcoin investment.

BBC Global Summary
BBC Global is a straightforward MLM crypto Ponzi fraud.

Johnson is channeling his inner Travelada by combining discounted travel to BBC Global (this has nothing to do with the MLM opportunity).

The BBC token is described as having something to do with “state-of-the-art technology, aircraft, bio-tech firms, and more!”

This is just nonsense. Kevin Dalton Johnson is an elderly man from Florida who has been linked to Ponzi schemes for many years.

The token forecasts above show the near term play.

In 90 days, can you get from 500% to 100%? Let’s look into that allegation.

On or around January 1st, 2022, Dalton created BBC as Bitcoin Bets Chips.

Dalton, as you can see, shifted from gambling to IT industry terms.

In any case, 90 days from January 1st places us at the end of March, which is just seven days away. So, by now, BBC should have reached at least 500%, right?

Alterdice is a random exchange that BBC Global affiliates are sent to for transfer verification. It appears to be the only exchange where BBC may be traded.

BBC is now trading at 0.00002790 BTC, or $1.18. Even after adjusting for bitcoin’s volatility, that’s nothing near $5.

You don’t even have to go that far to blow up due-diligence on BBC Global.

Do you believe Johnson would give you access for $100 if he could make 200% every 48 hours (in bitcoin or anything else)?

Do you believe he’d give you or anybody else access?

Johnson is based in the United States for regulatory purposes. BBC Global’s passive investment proposal obviously qualifies as a securities offering, necessitating SEC registration.

According to a review of the SEC’s Edgar database, neither BBC Global nor Johnson is registered with the SEC.

This suggests that, at the very least, BBC Global and Johnson are engaging in securities fraud.

As with other MLM Ponzi schemes, once affiliate recruiting is exhausted, fresh investment will dry up.

This will deprive BBC Global of ROI money, eventually leading to its demise.

BBC Global, like a shittoken Ponzi scheme, will fund withdrawal requests through Alterdice until it collapses.

When withdrawals are no longer processed, BBC Global affiliates will be stuck with another another useless MLM Ponzi shitcoin.

Ponzi scheme math ensures that the vast majority of participants lose money.

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