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Antonie Stojiljkovic and Jaira David have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from Krisitijan Krstic’s Ponzi scheme.

On November 23rd, Stojiljkovic’s plea bargain was filed. On November 29th, David’s.

Stojiljkovic was arrested in July 2020 and extradited to the United States in February of the following year.

Stojiljkovic was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud as well as conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Stojiljkovic pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to conduct wire fraud, according to his plea deal.

The agreement calls for a “maximum fine of $250,000, or double the defendant’s monetary gain or loss to the victim(s).”

The maximum jail term of 20 years has been lowered to “not more than 60 months” (5 years).

Stojiljkovic may also be required to make reparations “to victims or the society,” part of which may be acquired by “forfeiture of property.”

After Stojiljkovic has finished his term, he will most likely be deported.

On November 18th, Stojiljkovic and his attorney signed the deal.

Jaira David was charged in March 2020. On June 17th, he was detained in the United States.

David first pled not guilty to two counts: wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering conspiracy.

According to his plea bargain, David will also plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to conduct wire fraud.

Except a three-year supervised release, David’s potential sentencing penalties are similar to those of Stojiljkovic.

On November 24th, David and his attorney signed the agreement.

Kristijan Krstic (right), the kingpin of the defunct Ponzi scheme, is still at large.

Serbian authorities released Krstic in July, pending extradition to the United States. He departed immediately and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

The DOJ has yet to comment on Krstic’s position on the case docket.

Stojiljkovic and David are scheduled to be sentenced on May 26th, 2022, according to an update on February 9th, 2022.

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