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Ruja Ignatova’s brother Konstantin Ignatov took over as CEO of OneCoin after she disappeared in late 2017.

When Konstantin was jailed in March 2019, Veselina Valkova took over as OneCoin’s administrator.

One of Valkova’s first orders of business was to announce OneCoin’s launch in an attempt to minimize Ignatov’s imprisonment.

The legal team is actively collaborating with lawyers in the United States to resolve the matter.

That, of course, was nonsense.

Valkova would promote enrollment into OneCoin over the following several months through different announcements, such as an exchange, OneCoin collaborating with a “central bank” and European authorities, and so on.

Those announcements, too, were nonsense.

Valkova left OneCoin in the middle to late part of 2019, realizing it was doomed.

Valkova reappeared a few months later with Circle of Finance (aka Invicta), a short-lived INV coin OneCoin clone.

Valkova is hoping to cash in on her time with OneCoin two years later.

Valkova set up a Twitter account a few days ago to advertise her new book, One Coin – Two Sides.

The specifics of Valkova’s book are unclear. The term implies that Valkova will seek to rewrite history to paint herself and OneCoin in a positive light.

Valkova is promoting her book with a “one-of-a-kind unique NFT collectibles” gimmick in the hopes of making quick cash.

It’s unclear whether Valkova will take ONE or INV tokens as payment for her book and NFTs.

Twitter “temporarily blocked” Valkova’s new account sometime in the previous 24 hours:

According to Twitter, Valkova’s account has engaged in “strange activities.”

Given Valkova’s relationship with Ruja Ignatova and Konstantin Ignaov as a former OneCoin executive, it’s presumed she’s at the very least a person of interest to US authorities.

If the US government has taken action against Valkova, it has yet to be made public.

Valkova is said to be still in Bulgaria. Her Twitter bio listed her as a consultant for Whitehat Asset.

Whitehat Asset’s website domain was only registered a fortnight ago, thus we suspect it’s a sham.

It might also be a sham business idea that Valkova hopes to promote through her OneCoin book.

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