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CashFX Group has temporarily halted affiliate withdrawals, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Last Friday, CashFX Group suspended withdrawals and notified investors as follows (click to enlarge):

You may have noticed that the withdrawals procedure has slowed during the last four days.

This is the result of an aggressive internet assault effort.

The attackers were unable to obtain access because our cyber security procedures prevented them from doing so.

We never disclose cyberattack specifics with the membership since there is no need to be concerned, especially given the safety measures in place since CFX’s founding.

So, why bring up security if the team is still keeping every member safe?

Because withdrawals had to be momentarily paused throughout this procedure.

Knowing that allowing and disabling withdrawals is as easy as clicking a button, I waited to report to see if the suspension was indeed temporary.

CashFX Group withdrawals are still blocked as of Monday, November 22nd.

Naturally, nothing in the explanation presented makes any sense. Cyber criminals attacked something, the attack failed, however we’re blocking withdrawals for various reasons.

With the week preceding Black Friday generally marking the beginning of the shopping season, this is the time of year when MLM Ponzi schemes see more withdrawals.

This is why CashFX Group has disabled withdrawals.

For the most of 2020, CashFX Group withdrawals have surpassed fresh investment. The first reports of withdrawal delays came in late May.

CashFX Group’s initial approach was to threaten anyone who complained with termination.

KYC was later implemented to delay down withdrawal requests.

Withdrawal requests from CashFX Group have been delayed for two to three months at a time since then.

Normal and calm. What one would expect from a respectable company.

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