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GSPartners and its owner, Josip Heit, have hired a US law firm to intimidate a YouTuber residing in the United States.

The Grit, Grind, Gold YouTube channel is operated by Chris Saunders.

There are several videos on Grit, Grind, Gold that are critical of GSPartners and its predecessor Karatbars International:

Heit and GSPartners, dba Gold Standard Banking Corporation, have hired the US law firm Zuber Lawler to quiet Saunders.

Zuber Lawler sent a stop and desist letter to Saunders in response to allegations he made against Gold Standard Banking Corporation, Josip Heit, Michael Dalcoe, and Tony De Gouveia.

For the purpose of clarity, and because he’s most certainly paying Zuber Lawler’s expenses, I’m naming Heit as the initiator of the notice.

Heit takes issue with numerous of Saunders’ comments in Grit, Grind, Gold.

These are some examples:

Karatbars International and GSPartners are the same company; GSPartners is a Ponzi scam; and GSPartners and Josip Heit are involved in “criminal conduct of moral turpitude.”
Zuber Lawler believes Saunders’ assertions about the aforementioned topics are defamatory.

Zuber Lawler claims that Heit’s management role in Karatbars, namely as the architect behind the company’s disastrous move to cryptocurrency fraud, can be explained away.

GSB has no affiliations with Karatbars; it is not a parent, subsidiary, or associate of Karatbars; and it operates entirely independently.

All of those assertions are correct. They also avoid the fact that Heit founded GSPartners as his own Karatbars subsidiary.

The G999 Ponzi token scam by GSPartners was closely based after Karatbars International’s unsuccessful GSB Ponzi token scheme.

Despite the fact that Heit, as a Karatbars CEO, was likely one of the key benefactors of Karatbars’ failed crypto Ponzi scheme and used those ill-gotten funds to create GSPartners, Zuber Lawler claims that Gold Standard Banking Corporation is a “victim.”

Zuber Lawler argues that Gold Standard Banking Corporation and Heit are only investors.

GSB and Mr. Heit did not profit from their association with Karatbars; in fact, their investment cost them millions of dollars.

Moving on, Zuber Lawler claims that GSPartners is not a Ponzi scheme because law enforcement has not yet apprehended Heit.

GSB and its agents and principals have never been prosecuted or convicted of a Ponzi scheme-related crime.

This is due to the fact that GSB is not a Ponzi scam.

This is a variant on the “if it had been unlawful, it would have been shut down” justification.

The reasoning is incorrect because it assumes that criminal action cannot happen until someone is accused.

This presents a “chicken or egg” situation in which no one may be prosecuted if no illegal behavior occurred.

Criminal action occurred prior to anybody being held accountable, as evidenced by every criminal case ever filed. Regardless of whether or not someone is ever held responsible for illegal action.

To illustrate, consider the following GSPartners investment scheme:

It is worth noting that, since our first analysis, G999 has remained dormant, and GSPartners has gone on to develop other token investment programs.

According to the Howey Test, an investment contract exists if there is an agreement to invest.

investment of money in a joint venture with a realistic prospect of benefit from the efforts of others

Consumers are donating money to GSPartners (a shared venture) with the only expectation of “benefits generated from the labor of others.”

When someone cashes out their G999 tokens, they are compensated with monies that were previously invested. It’s a closed-loop money flow with no outside revenue source.

More importantly, because Zuber Lawler and Saunders are headquartered in the United States, the presence of an investment contract establishes a securities offering.

GSPartners, Josip Heit, or any of the shell businesses affiliated with GSPartners are not registered with the SEC.

Michael Dalcoe, who refers to himself as GSPartners’ CEO, is widely regarded as one of the company’s most ardent supporters.

In addition to not being registered with the SEC, he is a US citizen and resident.

Zuber Lawler hides behind an unpublished legal opinion rather than address any of these facts, which by definition cannot be defamatory.

GSB hired an independent law firm to undertake a thorough internal inquiry into these claims.

This inquiry looked at the organization’s internal workings to see whether there was any evidence of money laundering, transaction laundering, BRAM/GBPP violations, license and SEC concerns, and unethical contractual and sales activities.

The inquiry found no wrongdoing and will be utilized to prove the untruth of your defamatory claims.

TelexFree, Zeek Rewards, OneCoin… It is usual for MLM Ponzi schemes to conceal themselves behind bought legal advice.

To yet, none have stood up in court. They haven’t stopped the arrests or following criminal prosecutions of executives from the aforementioned firms.

Above, I presented proof of GSPartners’ securities fraud. Any contrary legal opinion intentionally overlooks this evidence.

Because I know someone at Zuber Lawler will see this, please email me this legal opinion endorsing GSPartners’ deception, and I’ll gladly deconstruct it.

The third point is easy to address. It is unlawful to run a Ponzi scheme.

GSPartners is also a pyramid scheme due to the lack of a retail product.

Anyone operating a Ponzi or pyramid scam is, by definition, “involved in criminal crimes of moral turpitude.”

Zuber Lawler concludes by calling Saunders’ words defamatory.

The law company has threatened to sue Saunders if he does not remove the Grit, Grind, Gold videos and agree to stop further criticism.

If the aforementioned written guarantees are not delivered in a timely manner, a lawsuit will be brought against you in a Virginia court seeking an injunction, damages (including punitive damages), and other appropriate remedy.

On November 19th, Saunders responded to the stop and desist letter with a video titled “Grit Grind Gold’s Response to Josip Heit’s Attorney.”

Saunders says in the video:

[9:06] Josip Heit has accused me of being a member of a criminal syndicate or a criminal organization… This is not correct.

[9:42] According to CryptTalk Nation, not only me, but also my coworkers and friends, are members of a crime conspiracy.

That is character assassination.

So here’s my response to you:

You have ten days to provide a public apology, stating that you were incorrect and that you misled people.

Not only that, but you must also fully demolish the G999 (scheme).

Your G999 is no longer alive because you lied about me, CryptTalk Nation, and the crime syndicate.

And that’s fine if you don’t want to do it. I’m going to sue you for defamation.

Did you really expect me to back away from a fight?

It remains to be seen whether GSPartners, Josip Heit, and his associates follow through on their threat of legal action.

Alexa estimates show a continued decline in traffic to GSPartners’ website at the time of publication:


The top source of traffic is the United States (29%), followed by South Africa (28%), and India (12%).

It is unknown whether US authorities are looking investigating GSPartners, Josip Heit, and/or Michael Dalcoe.


Update 22nd January 2022 – On December 16th, GSPartners filed a lawsuit against Chris Saunders.


29th of August, 2022 – Chris Saunders’ case against GSPartners has been dropped.


4th September 2022 – Update All of Grit Grind Gold’s social media profiles have been made private, which appears to be part of a settlement.

Furthermore, all videos on the Grit Grind Gold YouTube channel have been marked as private.

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