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EmpiresX’s Ponzi scheme has failed.

Affiliate investors have reported blocked withdrawals since mid-October.

Withdrawals were completely disabled once EmpiresX implemented withdrawal limitations in early October.

Since EmpiresX’s demise, the following affiliate testimonials have been removed:

In response to this:

EmpiresX’s website was still operational at the time of writing. Emerson Pires and Flavio Goncalves, the company’s owners, have not publicly addressed the failure.

EmpiresX’s social media profiles appeared to be deactivated in early November.

I did saw some crap about offices in Japan and China, but I couldn’t confirm anything.

In any case, because EmpiresX is a Ponzi scam, it’s doubtful that withdrawals would be reinstated unless new investment is discovered.

Emerson Pires reported in early October that EmpiresX had “filed for the SEC.”

The docs will be posted to the backoffice, I assume, within the following several days.

[8:09] We had filed the first time, and we had been refused.

The SEC demanded that we make changes. Change the way we do business, you know.

EmpiresX and its founders are still registration with the securities authority over two months later.

According to Alexa traffic estimates, the majority of EmpiresX victims are from Australia (22%), South Africa (19%), and the United States (15%).

Visitors to EmpiresX’s website in October came primarily from the United States (63%) and Vietnam (21%).

The shift in demographics shows that EmpiresX recruiting has stalled in the United States and Vietnam, with suckers from Australia and South Africa filling the void.

19th of January, 2022 – EmpiresX has declared its closure.

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