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My Blockchain Life will be available in early 2020.

My Blockchain Life’s original business concept was securities fraud via crypto mining investment packages.

My Blockchain Life shifted to automated trading bot returns when that run its course in a few months.

This was previously known as “Blockx Exchange” and debuted in August 2020.

BlockX will be the world’s first exchange featuring a trading bot.

This will also be available within 30 days after the launch.

Anyone who want to use the trading bot must first fund it with BlockX tokens.

Over a year of testing, the average monthly return was 15-20%.

My Blockchain Life affiliates were marketing token exchange and trade via BlockX around February 2021.

In November 2021, the next ploy is automated bot trading, which will begin on December 10th.

Glen Williams, co-founder and CEO of My Blockchain Life:

Williams spent his time on Facebook shitposting COVID-19 memes…

…until he became infected with COVID-19 and died in early October.

This raised serious concerns about My Blockchain Life and BlockX, especially to the fact that no one else publicly stepped forward.

My Blockchain Life’s original website domain was switched to Google’s search homepage at the time of publishing.

A different My Blockchain Life domain, “,” is incorrectly configured:

According to reports, My Blockchain Life’s initial mining Ponzi scheme is still active at “” However, traffic to that website domain is non-existent (Alexa rank: N/A).

As previously stated, BlockX’s “BLKX Trading Engine” possibility promises a 360% yearly ROI.

This will be available via BLKX, My Blockchain Life’s proprietary shittoken.

BLKX debuted almost a year ago and is already useless. It remains to be seen whether adding an AI trading bot Ponzi to it allows bagholders to pay out.

BlockX’s website’s “exchange” section offers a number of cryptocurrencies. BLKX is noticeably lacking.

For the time being, it appears that no one outside of My Blockchain Life is aware of BlockX’s impending debut. There is hardly little promotion, and as I have stated, no one has stepped up to represent the organization.

I only found out about the launch thanks to a reader who kept us updated (BlockX’s initial launch date was October 15th).

Investing money in MLM crypto firms that conduct securities fraud is absurd enough. It’s much worse if you’re dealing with a faceless corporation.

BehindMLM has revisited My BlockX on September 25th, 2022.

We discovered securities fraud using a trading bot and a “staking” investment scam. Early My BlockX investors in the United States are likewise shifting their losses onto fresh Colombian recruits.

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