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Forsage owner Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov says in a new MetaForce video released on August 17th:

In this video, I will discuss MetaForce’s measures to defend its position in the context of the SEC.

I pulled up the case docket, assuming Okhotnikov had answered to the SEC’s August 1st securities fraud Complaint.


So, what exactly is Okhotnikov on about?

Despite the fact that the SEC’s lawsuit is based on pages and pages of evidence, Okhotnikov insists that it is full of “unfounded assertions” that are “not based on anything.”

According to Okhotnikov, the SEC does not comprehend “how the blockchain works.”

It should be mentioned that the SEC has charged Forsage and Okhotnikov with securities fraud and conducting a Ponzi scheme. It makes no difference if “the blockchain” works or not.

Okhotnikov responds to Forsage’s alleged reaction to the Philippine SEC’s 2020 securities fraud investigation and warning:

We substituted the phrase “reinvestment”… so that there would be no words like “investment”, “investment”, and so on, so that no one would confuse Forsage with any investment initiative.

To minimize misunderstandings, we have also replaced numerous additional terminology on the site and in our materials.

This is referred to as pseudo-compliance (akin to when a YouTube fraudster says, “This is not financial advice”).

When authorities look into potential frauds, they look at marketing as well as the business concept. If you’re conducting a dishonest investment operation, hiding investment conditions means nothing.

Okhotnikov goes on;

Although the term “reinvest” is well-known in network marketing and has always been regarded suitable, it never implies that we are discussing an investment program.

This must be some strange type of Russian reasoning that I’m not grasping.

Okhotnikov goes on to explain how securities fraud may be stopped. Forsage was “puzzled” by the information he got from Montana. He appears to be unaware that securities fraud is criminal in both the Philippines and the United States.

He (Montana) made no attempt to learn anything about Forsage and merely copied everything from the Philippines SEC.

For some reason, (Montana) believes that I and everyone else must adhere to the content on his website. Furthermore, it is unclear what was intended by the necessity to cease.

Okhotnikov claims that the Philippine SEC and Montana CSI are both “incompetent” since they regulate Forsage for securities fraud.

The charges were first made public in August by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. They have demonstrated the same level of ineptitude in blockchain, network marketing, and the issue of the dispute in general.

And I’m not only responding to them, but also thinking about how we handle everything.

Again, At the time of publishing, Okhotnikov had not filed a response to the SEC’s lawsuit against him.

Okhotnikov is moving on with MetaForce rather than submitting a rebuttal and showing Forsage was not a $300 million dollar Ponzi scheme in court.

Forsage’s sixth reboot and current incarnation is MetaForce.

We’re fortifying our position… and modifying the organization. This is a true revolution in our industry.

MetaForce does not contain any direct or indirect depictions of a financial pyramid.

Products are the foundation of marketing. We are working on numerous product lines. These are tokenized items that are both actual and metaverse features.

Adding items to a Ponzi scheme, of course, does not affect the business strategy. MetaForce’s metaverse goods, like adcredits in the past, will not alter the flow of money inside the corporation.

And, regardless of what Okhotnikov does or does not do with MetaForce, the SEC has already launched a complaint. It is impossible to repair $300 million in financial wrongdoing over the course of two and a half years.

We’ll keep you updated if Okhotnikov files a formal response or if further breakdown footage emerge.

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