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AntUSDT’s Ponzi scheme has failed.

Withdrawals have been blocked, and AntUSDT’s social media profiles have been erased.

On October 25th, reports of AntUSDT stopping withdrawals reached BehindMLM.

According to BehindMLM’s AntUSDT analysis, the Ponzi scheme originally planned to exit-scam using an internal shitcoin.

Withdrawals were to be transferred to ANTC, an internal shitcoin with no value, at some time.

AntUSDT crooks flee, leaving affiliates with a useless Ponzi token.

Instead, AntUSDT stopped accepting withdrawals. Then they quickly initiated a reload scheme to defraud victims of even more money.

AntUSDT’s reload scam required affiliates to deposit the same amount in their disabled wallet as they did in a freshly created TRON wallet.

This was done with the promise of a 1% daily bonus on new investments.

AntUSDT offered access to monies retained in the initial disabled wallet after additional funds were invested.

An examination of the TRON wallet into which AntUSDT affiliates were asked to put cash reveals 30,107 TRX deposited between October 21st and 22nd.

That equilibrium was quickly cleared. On October 23rd, 10,406 TRX was deposited, with the majority of it being cleared out on October 27th.

These balances total only a few thousand dollars, implying that AntUSDT’s reload fraud was not as profitable as they had intended.

This most likely caused the Ponzi scam to go down completely.

AntUSDT has blocked withdrawals from the freshly created wallet as of 24 hours ago.

AntUSDT operated their Ponzi scheme using an app, allowing them to block and enable withdrawals at their leisure.

AntUSDT is thought to be the brainchild of Ukrainian/Russian Boris CEO con artists. The source code of the AntUSDT website reveals that they may have been cooperating with fraudsters in Southeast Asia.

According to Alexa traffic research, Pakistan is the sole significant source of traffic for AntUSDT’s website.

Recruitment was underway in Russia, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka at the time of BehindMLM’s September AntUSDT review.

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