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The Ponzi scam Meme Club has failed.

Withdrawals were blocked without warning on December 1st, according to affiliate investors.

Meme Club has disabled withdrawals following a Black Friday campaign in which investors earned a 25% bonus on bitcoin deposited.

Meme Club introduced a fresh Christmas deal three days after prohibiting withdrawals:

Meme Club had not to openly address blocking withdrawals at the time of publishing.

Rather, whomever is in charge of Meme Club’s social media profiles is pretending that the hoax hasn’t fallen apart:

Meme Club was a Russian Ponzi fraud run by Boris CEO. Its proponents included serial crooks Simon Stepsys and Luigi Bruni.

Bruni seems to have struck a deal with the owner(s) of Meme Club, taking on the post of Sales Director.

Bruni joined Meme Club when the CashFX Group Ponzi scam failed. Simon Stepsys has spent the greater part of a decade recruiting individuals into MLM Ponzi scams.

In September, the Central Bank of Russia issued a warning about Meme Club pyramid schemes.

It’s unknown who ran Meme Club. “Patrick Meier” was in charge of marketing at Meme Club. Meier was performed by a Russian actor who was born in or around St. Petersburg.

Meme Club website traffic fell 20% between September and October 2022, according to SimilarWeb.

The top three nations responsible for Meme Club’s 72,700 October website visitors were the United States (32%), France (27%), and Mauritius (18%).

Luigi Bruni and Simon Stepsys are based in Canada and the United Kingdom, respectively.

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