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Prosecutors in Poland confiscated $6.4 million from Lyoness’ bank accounts.

The accounts are with ING Bank Slaski SA and are in euros and zlotys (PLN).

According to a notification sent to Lyoness victims in Poland, Warsaw Prosecutors have completed their investigation into Lyoness Europe AG.

The probe, which is part of a larger case against Lyoness in Poland, began on January 1, 2020.

This inquiry focused on recovering monies from Lyoness for distribution to victims.

The seized monies, according to Warsaw prosecutors, were the profits of a “prohibited conduct” perpetrated by Lyoness in Poland.

The “illegal act” is the running of a pyramid scheme.

Based on the result, Warsaw prosecutors charged Lyoness with

1. Representatives of the Lyconet Marketing Program (previously the Lyoness Loyalty Program) recruiting an unknown number of people for financial gain.

2. Collecting monies from Lyconet Marketing participants as part of selling profit shares… with investment risk without the requisite permission.

Both offenses are punishable under Poland’s penal code.

Lyoness’ ING Bank Slaski SA accounts were raided for a total of 21,09 million PLN and €950,163 EUR. This totals slightly more than $6.4 million USD.

Lyoness has had regulatory issues in Poland for numerous years.

Lyoness was identified as a Ponzi scam by Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) in February 2014.

In May 2016, the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection ruled that the terms and conditions under which Lyoness sought investment were unconstitutional.

This was followed in December 2019 by the CCCP certifying Lyoness as a pyramid scam.

That final certification is linked to the restitution of monies by Lyoness’ Polish victims. This brings us back to the bank account seizures mentioned before.

Lyoness renamed as myWorld after facing regulatory action in various countries. Lyoness’ MLM side is still operated through Lyconet.

Alexa’s research of the Lyconet website suggests that Lyoness recruiting is now active in Macedonia, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

The top three sources of traffic to myWorld’s website are the United States, India, and Macedonia.

As Lyoness fails in one market and spreads to another, these nations often rotate in and out.

This has been going on since May 2012, when BehindMLM first evaluated Lyoness.

Hubert Friedl, an Austrian native, runs Lyoness, which is situated in Austria.

Lyoness could be stopped by Austrian authorities, but for whatever reason, they haven’t.

That’s not to imply there haven’t been any legal issues involving Lyoness from Austria. Every now and again, a new court decision is announced.

I stopped paying attention to the endless decisions a long time ago since nothing appears to happen outside of the courtroom.

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