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After getting an angry remark on one of BehindMLM’s posts about the defunct RBCG Bank Ponzi scheme, I decided to investigate Laurie Suarez’s activities.

Suarez went on to create another MLM crypto Ponzi fraud following RBCG Bank. Actually, there are two of them.
On its website, Xeniumx gives no information about who owns or operates the firm.

We must consult Xeniumx’s whitepaper for this information:

Laurie Suarez is the President of Xeniumx, we learn.

In the lack of any other business information, I’m going to venture that Suarez also owns Xeniumx.

Just a quick observation about Suarez’s Xeniumx bio: the phrase “since 2019” looks to be inaccurate.

The original website domain (“”) for Xeniumx was just registered in March 2020.

That name has now been redirected to “,” which was registered two months later in May 2020.

The other domain associated with Xeniumx is “,” which was registered in May 2021.

To summarize, Xeniumx did not exist in 2019. Suarez looks to be liquidating his previous Ponzi RBCG Bank.

To get there, we have to travel even farther back, to Suarez’s BehindMLM debut with The Berlin Group.

Suarez established The Berlin Group in or around October of 2018. This was his first MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi scam.

The Berlin Group went bankrupt in December 2018. Suarez drew The Berlin Group victims into a series of relaunch Ponzi schemes in 2019.

First, there was Recycle Bot, which was first released as a last-ditch effort to keep The Berlin Group afloat. That only lasted a few months.

Notably, Suarez’s racist diatribe was triggered by the failure of Recycle Bot. Suarez’s web activities are rife with crude bogan abuse.

Suarez renamed what remained of Recycle Bot RB Global Crypto Bank.

RB Global Crypto Bank only existed for approximately a month. Suarez relaunched RB Global Crypto Bank as RBCG Bank at some time.

Suarez was threatening and insulting RBCG Bank victims as of October 2019.

This takes us full circle to the introduction of Xeniumx in early 2020.

Even by Suarez’s standards, that was a low-effort launch. Suarez had plagiarized the Xeniumx whitepaper, according to BitcoinTalk readers.

XeniumX began with the XEMX ERC-20 token. That Ponzi scheme looks to have already failed.

Suarez relaunched Xeniumx with the XEMXLink currency in May or June 2021.

If you have XEMX (XeniumX) tokens, you may use them to trade for XEMXLink Coins.

This introduces another another website domain, “,” which was hurriedly created using Wix.

I assume the original Xeniumx website domain was abandoned due to the XEMXLink reboot.

As things are, Xeniumx is doomed.

The domain “” serves as a conduit for paying Suarez in exchange for XEMX tokens.

The name “” serves as a conduit for Suarez to exchange money for XEMXLink tokens.

As of early September, “” is expected to be XEMXLink’s public-facing website.

Suarez has restarted his trading bot script at “” in addition to directly investing in XEMXLink.

XeniumFX oddly bundles VPS hosting with Suarez’s bot access.

Prices range from $30 to $110 per month.

Suarez had abandoned MLM in favor of a 5% single-level commission this time.

In terms of numbers, the abandoned XEMX shitcoin is worth 0.3 cents ($0.003). $245 volume in 24 hours, outstanding.

XEMXLink has no USD worth, however its BTC trading value follows the classic pump and dump pattern:

Oh, and Suarez is obviously trying to join the NFT…

Suarez’s next move looks to be an XEMXLink-branded ecommerce platform:

After that, perhaps some XEMXLink eDuCaTiOn PaCkAgEs?

To summarize, it appears like everyone except Suarez and a handful of his friends are supporting XEMXLink (or whatever it’s renamed tomorrow/next week/next month, etc.).

I’m 99.9% certain the rude comment that prompted me to dig into Suarez again was made by Suarez himself.

This essay will almost certainly attract a few Queenslanders who believe black and blue Suarez is the second coming of Christ.

Suarez has created a path of financial damage since his start with The Berlin Group. XEMXLink and everything that came before it were created for one reason and one reason only: to move money from unsuspecting investors into the pockets of Suarez and his friends.

You will lose money if you are not in that group. And while you’re losing money, Suarez will be harassing and threatening you in his normal obnoxious style.

Suarez may even include you on his “The Block Talks” PR rag if you truly get under his skin.

I understand being greedy and seeking Ponzi profits. But there are plenty of choices if you want the abuse that comes with it.

Go to the neighborhood tavern and instigate a brawl. Much less expensive.

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