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BloxTec is alerting affiliates that if they want to withdraw, they must pay a charge.

An “advanced fee” fraud occurs when monies are held hostage till further fees are paid.

BloxTec is operating their advance fee fraud as “withdrawal authentication.”

According to communication obtained by BehindMLM, BloxTec affiliates who want a withdrawal are being advised;

It is critical that you understand how our system works; without the final confirmation payment to your account, you will be unable to withdraw funds… even if you wait a year.

Your account is already active; all you need to do now is make the second verification deposit, which will allow you to withdraw funds from it.

After you’ve made this payment, you’ll be able to withdraw funds from your account with ease.

Ervin Kougija, pretending to be from BloxTec’s Customer Experience Department, signs off on the email.

BloxTec, as previously stated, is a non-MLM revival of the defunct Mirollex Ponzi scheme.

Mirollex is thought to have been operated by Eastern European con artists. Likewise, BloxTec.

It should come as no surprise that BloxTec promotes an advanced fee fraud.

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