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Matilda Jane Clothing is discontinuing its multi-level marketing business.

The statement was made yesterday in an email to affiliates.

Matilda Jane Clothing’s social media posts indicate that the shutdown came as a surprise.

BehindMLM has not received a copy of the email, but WPTA21 has;

According to the email, as of 5 p.m. Wednesday, the corporation will be severing agreements with trunk keepers and closing down operations.

According to Matilda Jane’s CEO, the firm has been having financial difficulties, and executives were negotiating a sale of nearly all of its assets [sic] to save jobs and the business, but the transaction fell through.

Matilda Jane Clothing, as the name implies, is a clothing MLM company. In 2005, the firm was started in Indiana.

Surprisingly, Matilda Jane Clothing’s website has no information on executives or firm ownership.

Donna Noce Colaco lists herself as the company’s CEO and Executive Chairman on LinkedIn.

Denise DeMarchis established Matilda Jane Clothing, according to the company’s LinkedIn profile.

Denise DeMarchis, the designer and founder of Matilda Jane Clothing, founded the girls’ clothing brand in 2005.

Denise, a mother of two good sons and a successful decorative artist, applied her unique, emotional approach to creation and relationships to her new venture—an “unpredictable apparel brand.”

In 2012, DeMarchis sold Matilda Jane Clothing to CID Capital. CID Capital sold the firm to Webster Capital in 2017.

Following early success at Midwest art fairs, Matilda Jane Clothing transitioned to a Trunk Keeper model—a direct selling technique that preserves the spirit of art fairs alive while creating personal ties across the country.

Matilda Jane Clothing’s distributors are referred to as “Trunk Keepers.” As someone who equates “trunks” with boxer brief hybrids, I find this… hilarious.

While BehindMLM makes every effort to assess as many MLM firms as possible, Matilda Jane Clothing sadly slid between the cracks. Apart from the fact that it is based on a party plan, I am unable to comment on Matilda Jane’s compensation plan (it is not available on Matilda Jane Clothing’s website).

According to Matilda Jane Clothing’s LinkedIn page, the firm employs between 51 and 200 people.

Over the last three months, SimilarWeb has observed a gradual fall in traffic to Matilda Jane Clothing’s website. In November, 98,000 visitors were expected, down from 136,000 in September.

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