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The fraudsters behind OneLife Earth have launched a new DeepFakes Ruja Ignatova film, this one aimed towards Chinese speakers.

Ruja Ignatova’s debut DeepFakes video was released in July.

The movie was widely derided, and there was little actual interest in the reload fraud as a result.

The fraudsters removed the footage in late September. “Official statement by Dr. Ruja Ignatova,” according to the new video. The “OneCoin restart” was activated 12 hours ago.

Instead of asking for money, the fraudsters in this video are playing a lengthier game.

The movie appears to be meant to instill belief in the reload fraud, with the inevitable “pay us” delayed to the end.

There are also Chinese subtitles, implying that the scammers believe they have a higher chance of duping Asian OneCoin investors.

DeepFakes presents the same story as in the original video. Specifically, Ignatova’s forehead, and when the actor tilts his or her head to the left (as seen), there is a color mismatch on the right side of the face near the ear.

Something strange is also going on with the wig. The actor’s right shoulder is covered with brown hair (again as viewed).

It remains to be seen whether the fraudsters really launch anything. According to Ignatova’s script, they’re taking the shitcoin swap way.

The fraudsters will introduce a OneCoin DeFi shitcoin as a result of this. They’ll sell it to anyone who is foolish enough to buy it, leaving them to exchange the coin for whatever they can obtain.

According to the Ignatova actor Justin Sun, the OneCoin shitcoin will be released on the TRON network.

[1:01] Many coders are eager to collaborate. Justin Sun, our primary strategic partner from China, is also a buddy of mine.

That is, assuming they follow through. Surprisingly, traffic to the OneLife Earth website has increased in recent weeks.

According to Alexa, 100% of the traffic comes from the United States. The fraudsters responsible for the OneLife Earth movies are thought to be from Ukraine or Russia.

19th of October, 2021 – Following criticism, the OneLife Earth fraudsters have blocked video comments completely.

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