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Darren Olayan’s latest con is a Ponzi scheme conducted through Disruptive Studio.

BehindMLM first learned about Disruptive Studio in our Crypto CNL review, which was released in June.

Disruptive Studio was responsible for the creative designs for a variety of MLM crypto Ponzi scams, although it did not appear to be running any of them.

Disruptive Studio created a design for Naka Games, a subsidiary of Darren Olayan’s BitMobb Ponzi scheme.

I assumed there was a connection because the bulk of Disruptive Studio’s designs were for Russian Ponzi scams. What I wasn’t sure about was where Olayan fit in.

I’m not sure what the relationship is between Darren Olayan and this Russian Ponzi scheme. However, it appears that they are working together in some way.

Disruptive Studios unexpectedly reappeared on my radar last month. This time in relation to iComTech study.

iComTech was an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme that failed in the middle to late part of 2019. The DOJ brought criminal charges against four iComTech founders and three promoters last month.

Refugio Aguilera was one of iComTech’s top promoters I came up in my background study, despite not being arrested.

Aguilera is presently Marketing Officer at Disruptive Studio, according to the annotated screenshot above, which was obtained and utilized in our iComTech arrest piece.

That same investigation led me to this now-deleted November 4th post on Refugio’s personal Facebook page:

On a Disruptive Studio Zoom webinar launch, that’s Daniel Cruz on the left and Darren Olayan on the right.

Cruz is the Chairman of Disruptive Studio, which is based in Arizona.

Darren Olayan is a prolific con artist who has run a number of failed Ponzi schemes (branded primarily under Nui, Symatri and Mintage Mining).

So, what were Cruz and Olayan up to?

Disruptive Studio, not content with producing logos and branding for frauds, has established their own in-house crypto Ponzi. And, of course, Darren Olayan’s fingerprints are all over it.

Disruptive Studio’s crypto Ponzi isn’t very noteworthy. It’s based on the DISR shittoken and has the usual trading bot, NFT, and mEtAvErSe nonsense.

The essence of the Ponzi scam is staking, which is hidden underneath that. Investors invest in DISR, park tokens with Disruptive Studio, and get profits in DISR via the staking Ponzi scheme.

The idea, like with any Ponzi scam, is to make more money than you put in. Disruptive Studio pays withdrawal requests from invested cash, which is critical to its status as a Ponzi scam.

Disruptive Studio, Daniel Cruz, and Darren Olayan are not registered to offer securities under the DISR staking program or trading bot scheme.

In reality, Olayan has established his latest Ponzi scheme with the help of a partner since he is no stranger to securities fraud.

Olayan and Nui were served with a securities fraud cease and desist order in 2018 after stating his Kala Ponzi scheme had “stability and protection with the SEC.”

The C&D issued by Texas resulted in a $25,000 penalties.

Montana issued a similar securities fraud cease and desist order against Nui and Olayan in 2019. This was followed by Michigan in early 2020, and later that year, a $595,000 securities fraud penalties from Utah.

The 2020 regulatory crackdown on Olayan, who was residing in Utah at the time, has been put on hold.

Olayan was still defrauding people using BitMobb in May 2022. BitMobb included Nui International (a Ponzi scam targeting Brazil) as well as a slew of other failed or failing Kala-centric schemes.

Olayan appears to have dropped BitMobb about the time BehindMLM covered it. BitMobb’s most recent official Facebook post was on April 26th, 2022.

I don’t notice an MLM component to Disruptive Studio’s DISR Ponzi, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was.

Here’s a breakdown of the known components of Disrupt Studio’s Ponzi for your convenience:

Disruptive Studio is a design firm that collaborates with Darren Olayan.
NFT marketplace platform Disruptiverse
Disruptive Protocol – DISR token branding, a BEP-20 shit token
Disruptive Bots – trading bot securities fraud, DISR transaction costs
Disruptive Payments – in-house payment processor, i.e. the Ponzi Tradetizen – proposed exchange, may have been abandoned.Disruptive Studios’ Ponzi targets Central and South America, mirroring Olayan’s advertising efforts following the US crackdown.

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