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Rodney Burton is hosting a HyperFund promotion event called “Reinvent Yourself With Crypto.”

The gathering will include a troubling number of well-known US celebrities, including HyperFund founder Ryan Xu.

Burton, who goes under the moniker “Bitcoin Rodney,” is organizing his event using the website name “”

Burton defines himself on his website as

an entrepreneur and bitcoin investor who was imprisoned for 5 years

He adopted a new perspective after his release in August of 2010, which has led to his being one of the most successful investors in the bitcoin business today.

Burton (right) was introduced to BehindMLM in 2015 through his advocacy of uFun Club.

The uFun Club MLM Ponzi scam was powered by the uToken cryptocurrency.

Similar to HyperFund, HU, and MOF.

It’s unknown when Burton started pushing bitcoin Ponzi schemes.

The Ponzi scheme failed after Thai police began arresting uFun Club organizers.

Burton, who moved from the United States to Dubai, has been marketing one MLM crypto Ponzi scheme after another since.

Burton has also hired a number of well-known US celebrities and personalities to speak at the event, in addition to Xu.

Marlon Wayans is an actor, comedian, writer, and filmmaker.
Daymond John is the founder and CEO of FUBU.
Elena Cardone, Grant Cardone’s wife, is recognized as being “the architect behind many of Grant Cardone Enterprises’ endeavors.”
Akon is a musician and producer.
The Reinvent Yourself With Crypto website has a complete list of speakers:

Burton is demanding up to $6147 for tickets in order to recuperate whatever he paid everyone but Xu to speak at the event.

$999 for general admission ($2146 with hotel).
VIP – $3200 (including hotel)
$5000 for backstage access ($6147 with hotel)
Based on what I’ve seen of Burton’s event, it appears to be an effort to stage a HyperFund promotional event in the United States.

With HyperFund getting more regulatory scrutiny recently, Burton and Xu understand that just holding an event would be risky.

As a result, every effort has been made to prevent any reference of HyperFund. Instead, Burton is organizing a low-key “cryptocurrency conference.”

The inclusion of celebrities and people from the United States is an attempt to provide respectability. After it’s finished, speakers may expect images of themselves with Xu to be posted all over the internet to promote HyperFund.

And, in the end, it is the objective of this event.

People who follow Rodney Burton, often known as “Bitcoin Rodney,” are actively looking for ways to leverage their income for higher financial returns.

Rodney Burton has spent years pushing MLM crypto Ponzi scams. Likewise, everyone who “follows” him.

The Loews Miami Beach Hotel will present Reinvent Yourself With Crypto.

Flourish Media Co, a marketing firm located in Florida, is in charge of event logistics.

Tracy Timberlake, one of Burton’s featured speakers, is a co-owner of Flourish Media Co.

Reinvent Yourself With Crypto is set to take place in Florida from November 18th to November 20th.

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